“Sometimes, happy memories hurt the most.” – Unknown

Memories can hardly ever be photographed. Will one picture and the thousand words it speaks be enough to justify what the memory means to you? It never will, for me. For the past three years, I have missed home more than it might have missed me. My friends have moved on and I’m stuck in a time loop of where I wish I was right now, and where I actually am.

As you might know, I shift a lot. Which also inevitably means I make friends a lot, but not for too long. I haven’t found that one friend that would last forever yet, but maybe one day? Until then, I make peace and sometimes get depressed, with the memories of these friends. Here is a small and brief glimpse into my memories.

  1. When I was in fifth-sixth grade, I made a friend in Dubai. We met every day and did crazy stuff (and also, stupid) like FunTrivia. We spent hours doing nothing except throwing a ball back and forth, and talking about things I barely remember. We played cricket in the corridors of buildings, and ran away just before someone could shout at us. Tried to throw stones at trees so that the Dates would fall off, and we could have the sheer joy of eating one this way. It was amazing, really.
  2. In India, I met three girls that I called the trio. They were best-friends long before I had come along, and still are now that it has been three years since I’ve left. Three extremely beautiful girls, with whom I share so many memories. Ice skating (and falling down way more times than I can remember), games of truth and dare, trips to crazy places or simply just strolling in a park. We became friends because all four of us loved reading, and also cause one of them came to eat the first packet of lays that I opened in school. I still love them so much, although they barely remember me.
  3. With the trio, was another person. He was one of the craziest and most optimistic person I have ever met. He still might be. We played cricket, football, tennis, basketball, and every other sport we could possibly find. We have stayed over at each others place more than a hundred times, to say the least. I was a vegetarian when I met him, he loved KFC, and the rest is history. I have had McD and KFC almost on a daily basis, and that guy still got abs before I did. Ughh. XD

My friends were not something out of a fairy-tale, because that would make it unreal and not fun. We weren’t something magical either, because that would make it too good to be true. We were normal, different, and a bit insane. I think they could make a good movie on the trio, me and the last guy. I promise you, it would be fun to watch.

This was another small attempt to let you see that I am as normal, if not more, as you. And I have a life that I love despite being the one that always has to let go. This is a part of the infinity that I am, the curve that makes me. Find your friends, make memories, and don’t be afraid to let go. Robert Frost insisted that life goes on. Be happy. Okay?

Bless this life ∞

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16 thoughts on “Friends.”

  1. Its like someone wrote my story……move a lot …..made so many friends…but nothing which i can call friends forever ……but as you said I gained so many beautiful memories to treasure…

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