This damn world.

This world,
It is filled with
Desperate tongues and restless emotions,
Pretty dandelions and harsh sunlight.
It is made of
Prying eyes and numbing sentiments,
Love roses and dirty soil.
It dances to the beats of
Missiles and declarations of war,
Screams of innocents and catchy tunes.
It gets excited when
A trend takes over,
A new joke is made,
They read deep quotes they don’t understand,
Or just listen to what Trump said.
In this world, where will the humans live?

This world,
It is filled with
Praising mouths and soft hearts,
Different languages yet a steady connection.
It is made of
Heart beats and homes,
Beautiful mountains and enormous waves.
It dances to the beats of
Cheerful giggles and loud exclamations,
Sweet voices and melodious music.
It gets excited when
Passports are painted,
Tickets are bought,
They try new food,
Or over five tequila shots.
In this world, where will the demons hide?

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

17 thoughts on “This damn world.”

  1. #wordporn thank you for this fine piece of writing I enjoy it very much and like the timing as well as how you ended each paragraph with question reflecting and encapsulating some of your thoughts into one sentence. I will share your work with a fellow writer, be sure to check my little pieces as well and comment and criticise as much as you like! It’s what I need. Keep writing, you have talent! (My opinion) and you have a lot of ideas on observations from your POV to get out.
    Best regards,
    A fellow word smith.

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  2. How lovely, we truly make our world in part by the lenses we choose and the direction of our gaze, do we see descending or ascending spirals? Your words have shown a beam on a few dark hiding places for today, sending a little demon or two flittering off into the void, helping me feel lighter and more hopeful. Keep shining that light, where indeed will they hide? Also, I need to renew my passport, and it makes me smile to wonder if they would let it be a painted portrait for it…? Sigh, Probably not, Oh well. And also thanks for your kind notice of my recent post. Lona.

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