Whisky Words: The End

The writing project has come to an end.

So, about a month and a half ago, I decided to start a project that will help fellow bloggers or my readers in general to let their compositions be read. I called it The Whiskey Words, for that’s what words are like. Whiskey. It burns your throat, and makes you forget your pain.

The response to the project has been over-whelming. To be honest, I did not expect more than five entries for the project, but could I be more wrong? (Chandler: hehe)

The amount of entries I received was both a boon and a bane. The bane being that it became tougher for me to choose between the entries. But I did, and here we are. The following are the three best entries according to me, in this very order:

The winner: The winner of the writing project is Anchal Rani (Whiskey Words: Project 3). I tried to contact Kathy Gardner (Whisky Words: Project 11) but failed to get her address as response to my mail. So, I’ve decided to give the Giveaway to the second best. Congratulations, Anchal!

March was truly a wonderful month. Thank you so much. Leave a comment below if you liked the Whiskey Words, and also if you’d like more of such projects in the future. Also, all suggestions for my blog are welcome and you can mail them to me at:

Thank you again for sticking around. April is here and so am I. Let’s have another awesome month. We are going back to my compositions. Do share my blog with your friends if you like it, it’ll be a great help. Also, criticism is always welcome and appreciated.



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Utsav Raj

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8 thoughts on “Whisky Words: The End”

  1. Well although my writing’s not being posted on Whiskey Words I’m glad participated. Anyway congratulation for the winners. I’m actually eager to post my writings that I sent to you on my blog.

    Anyway thank you for everything. when there will be a new writing project I’d love to participate again.

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  2. Thanks for doing this. For giving an opportunity for people to write and for showcasing the work of so many people. Congratulations to the winners.

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  3. I have read all of the works that you posted. I too found ‘Still Born’ the best for it touched you emotionally and very strongly. Seems like you have a nice judgement.😃
    Well….that was a great project!!

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