Empty hearts.

So I tried something new in which I had to write the poetry in exactly a hundred words. Do read it and leave anything you’d like to say in the comments. Instagram handle: @myspirals

“So, what does it feel like to be empty?”

“Everyone is made of poetries,
and to have that inside of you
but no voice or walls for it to echo,
it can be hard to describe,
if not impossible.

It feels like a sinking Titanic,
that is too cold to realize,
that its life is etching away.
It feels like a long stretch of silence,
that screams out stories
and unheard rants.
It feels like a mirage
that you’ve somehow reached,
and you live the illusion.

I don’t know, really.
It feels like a nothing in a something.
Numb. Empty.”

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

41 thoughts on “Empty hearts.”

  1. Utsav, I really like your Intro on your about page. Rumi has some interesting things to say. I am going to repost and respond to that quote.

    Let’s talk?

    How was the rainy days of yesteryear? Did you see the splatter as the droplet touched down on the unsuspecting surface?
    I am full of kindness and abilities to socialize,
    No one asked though,
    Making me an empty page of a person in their eyes.
    I think we are, as praptibhuyan29 says all an empty canvas to some extent. Some show it more than others.
    There is always some face value to an appearance. We shake the hand and say hello,
    How do we really feel.

    A friend says he is alright, doing pretty well.
    I know for a fact he has some weird throat sickness that aches 24/7,
    He is stressed about coworkers bullying new hires at his university. He doesn’t show all that though. He reads at open mics tells funny jokes twitches when he laughs and makes all feel welcome.

    We are not cynical in nature I do not think but harbor some need to judge others.

    Are we board reflecting upon our selves unable to keep quiet?

    I hope you are having an amazing day/evening/night. Keep writing and I will visit more of your pages, stories/poems, and posts.

    Sam Sutlive.


    I will meet you at that field any day.
    The right types will know this field when they see it.
    The essence of the scent of fresh cut grass and crushed mint will float through the air.
    The quietness of such a field will ring as cathedral(I wasn’t sure if cathedrals had bells so I googled it. It looks like a few do?) bell never has. If we and anyone who finds this field stands long enough upon the ground we will hear the distant dam waters and the gently twisting streams.

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  2. For me Ustav, it went from light to dark in the course of 6 lines. We were open and infinite, whether our voices could echo to us or not, and then the sinking of the Titanic came in. Trapped in the cold, with screaming stories and unheard rants, was it all an illusion? If you meant this to be dark from the onset, then you succeeded. But the first 5 lines beg our attention. Perhaps the title says it all…so what does it feel like to be empty? This is my 1st comment for you…I’m sorry if it seems a bit critical, you have a wonderful vocabulary, vivid and enticing. I will read more.
    Thank you for sharing this post.


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  4. To have poetry inside and be unable to share, how unfortunate that would be. Fortunately, this is not the case here; your poem defines the poet within us all; it shouts from the rooftops that we must write no matter.



  5. life is more like a something in a nothing than a nothing in a something – but only just! Nice work 🙂


  6. Wow just got ur LIKE in my notification list. Clicked on your profile and wow. You weave magic with words. I am so overwhelmed that a fantastic writer like you founded my work l ‘like’ worthy.
    I am already following your blog and if you liked my work kindly follow back my blog.
    Thanking you in advance 🙂
    I am following you already


  7. Well. I am now officially. Lost for words. I mean, that was pretty much amazing for a poem limited to exactly a hundred words, and I have no clue how you pulled it off so smoothly. For my part, whenever someone gives me a word limit, I CANNOT do even a decent job of it. How did you do it? I really need to know if any short pieces I write are to retain the ability to be called SHORT. And that Everyone is made of poetries part? Beautiful.
    Basically, you did a good job, and you have to give me a tip about it!


    1. That means a lot, thank you so much.
      I can’t give tips in my comment section. 😂 Anywhere else we can talk?


  8. And those ’empty’ phases make the most out of us. They define us.

    So, yet another mesmerising piece of writing. I like the word-limiting concept. What else should I say,,,,keep writing❤


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