a list of things about her

A list of things about her.

This is probably the shortest poem I’ve written so far, but I really liked the concept and wanted to do it. I hope you enjoy this and share it!

Here is a list of things she smelled of:

Expensive perfume.
Hot chocolate.

and a list of things she looked like:

A crisp white shirt.
Christmas lights.

A list of things she reminded me of:

Empty vodka bottles.
Terraces and stars.
Neck kisses.
Smeared mascara.
The color of sunlight after it hits a bottle of whiskey.

A list of things she was:

A dragon-slayer.
A smile despite a tiring day.
A favorite song on repeat.
My auto-correct.
Human and alive.

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82 thoughts on “A list of things about her.”

  1. It’s so simple but says more than a million words could. I loved “The color of sunlight after it hits a bottle of whiskey.”


  2. I noticed this line… A list of things she was: and the last word Mine. So does that mean the girl in the poem now belongs to your past? Just a thought. But nevertheless, the poem is deep. Thanks for sharing!


  3. “A list of things she reminded me of”
    The disconnect between this section of the poem and the others interests me. There is corruption here, imperfection which is lacking elsewhere. I almost wonder whether it is the same woman.
    Is she empty vodka bottles or crisp white shirt?
    Is she sunset or smeared mascara?

    Perhaps the poem reflects the truth about ourselves. We are neither all good nor all bad. We are sometimes found and all to often lost.

    I like your poem.


  4. I love this. Every person is multi-faceted and full of different dimensions, depending upon the angle from which you view and/or interact with them. And this is a brilliant approach to showing the different parts of a beloved person, with each vignette hinting at physical scenarios and situations that occurred outside of the frame of this delightful narrative. Innovative! And really very moving. Thank you for sharing.


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