So every once in a while, I write something about my life in order to tell you what makes me an infinity, and to hear about what makes you an infinity. Tell me about your family!

“Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” – Lilo and Stich

When god made man, or whosoever did, the man asked for someone who’d always be on his side. That’s when god (or whosoever) made more men and women, and called it a family. My family is a little bizarre, as probably all of ours are. Some of my best memories with my father, my mother and my sister are these. Here is a small and brief glimpse into my family.

  1.  It was a summer morning, about two months after I had given my Tenth grade finals. My results were up on the internet at about four in the morning, and I was sweating rivers as I checked. My result was pretty good, and so I let out a sigh of relief as I slowly went to my parents room to tell them the result. My dad was still asleep, and so I gently woke him up and told him that the results were here. He was still lying on the bed as he waited for me to tell him my score. When I did, he sat up and gave me one of the tightest and warmest hugs ever as he smiled.
  2. When you’ve lived with your mother was long enough, you’ll actually see everything falling apart if she goes away for a few days. Me, my sister and my father did. My mom had gone for a week to her parents place, and we caused chaos. We had oats and cornflakes for three consecutive meals almost every day. No school, so we made sure the house was a mess. When she did come back, it was the best thing ever. It was as if you’d come out of the water of the swimming pool after a long game of “Let’s see who can hold their breath for the longest.” It was like finding the name of the song that had you worried sick because you couldn’t remember the name.
  3. From hiding test papers, to walking down paths covered in broken twigs, golden leaves and possible dangers, my sister has been my partner-in-crime. I don’t have one favorite memory with her because I’ve been with her for almost eighteen years now and every day with her is still special. Here’s one though. When I was really young and hardly knew how to swim, me and my family went for swimming. Despite being on the shallow side of the pool, I lost my footing and thought I was drowning. My sister, who happened to see this, was laughing at me instead of helping me. That bitch.

You don’t get to choose your family, but I am glad to have the family that I have. Maybe someday I’ll talk about how crazy they are. Until then.

Bless this family. ∞

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4 thoughts on “Family.”

  1. I loved this snippet of your life and family. We all are in a unique place and it is refreshing to find that each of us; however different, can find space to love one another. When I was young a jumped off a dock and did not realize how deep it was. I caught a few gulps of water instead of air. My friend watched and laughed when I called to him to help me. He finally did reach for my hand and pulled me back to the dock as I coughed. A memory similar to yours.

    Love the name “spirals” … Perfect and I wonder to know if the spirals are both up and down or perhaps floating as you learn about the world and all it has to offer.

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  2. When I was a child, I wanted nothing more than a big family when I grew up. When I pictured my “big family,” it resembled what my parents had at the time. Me, my husband, and children who continued to come home for major holidays and long stays in the summer. I pictured my grandkids sleeping under homemade tents in the family room, my husband teaching my SIL how to shoot a rifle or fillet fish. I figured that would be when I would teach my daughter to cook more than frozen chicken patties and TV dinners. I saw myself surrounded by love. Well, I got the husband and had the kids, but the husband turned out to be a monster. I tried several relationships without finding one I knew I’d be happy with. Once the kids were grown, I was alone… until one day my daughter asks me if I’d consider moving in with her and her husband to help them with their growing family. At first I saw it as a burden. It encompassed much of my time, I no longer had the same privacy I was accustomed to. And the noise… (5 kids). But… over time, I realized that my prayer had been answered when I wasn’t paying attention. I had the large family, big holidays, and love. Lots of love. It may not have turned out the way I envisioned it, but it turned out. My memories were what I envisioned for my future… and that’s exactly what I got, in a slightly different container. ❤


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