A rainbow unicorn that reminds me of things I love

Inside my head.

What do I think about? Is it love or my family?
Or is it a wonder trip and all-nighters?

I think of rainbow unicorns,
with soft wavy hair like my mother used to have,
and a horn that sharpens as a spiral,
much like my thoughts.
It has eyes like me father’s,
and crooked teeth that remind me,
of my sister.
It’s my family unicorn and it gallops in the sky.
I love them.
It’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful.
Also ironically, real.

I think of Christmas trees,
with a line of golden bells and colorful things
that hold within them,
stories of smiles and tears.
It is green and smells like a new day,
and looks exactly like what I drew it to be,
back in second grade.
I am a pirate and it’s my treasure box.
I love my memories.
It’s not perfect, but it has a star.
Also ironically, the star is from the sky.

I think of hearts on the corner of folded pages,
with red sketched inside of it,
a red that reminds me of my girlfriends stubbornness,
and how she blushes.
The paper is creased but the heart is still complete,
and it reminds me of a very old,
romanticized war.
It is my life’s ‘profile picture’ and I’ve liked it myself.
I love sketching.
It’s not artistic, but it is elegant.
Also ironically, three dimensional and inside my body.

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

48 thoughts on “Inside my head.”

  1. Great poem! I just loved the line
    “The paper is creased but the heart is still complete”, it conjures up an image in my mind, and inspires me to write something…

    Sx 🙂


  2. “It’s my family unicorn and it gallops in the sky.” Loaded, evocative. Really enjoyed ‘Inside my Head’, Utsav. All good wishes, Frank.


  3. This poem is beautifully written. Great job with the imagery and the personal connections. It flows very smoothly and evokes feelings of nostalgia. Awesome work.


  4. In my defense, I wanted to just like this and not bore you with an extra long and useless comment, but I’m having a bad ‘net day, and the Like button isn’t loading, so I guess you’ll have to bear with me.
    I really liked this, as in, a LOT, mainly because it’s really rarely that a person (namely, me) gets to read a poem that uses such mild, simple words to write something as beautiful as this, and that too in such a way that leaves the reader free to still envision it as their own experience. And the thing about the unicorn and the rest not being perfect, but being beautiful all the same speaks volumes, at least to me.
    So… yeah, bottom line, well done. And, in case you are remotely interested in reading something I wrote like that, I’d really appreciate it if you could give your opinion on my poem ‘Family Recipe’.


    1. I could totally use more of such comments, so I’m kinda glad the like button didn’t load.
      Thank you so much!
      And I will definitely check your post out. I am a little busy right now, but I will do it as soon as possible.


      1. What I would actually want to say is Thank You! back to you, but if you’re Indian (and maybe even if you’re not, I’m really no one to judge) you’ll undoubtedly know one of those situations where both talkers just keep saying thanks awkwardly because welcome sounds even more awkward, like the one I do not want to land in currently, so instead I am just gonna say that if it leads to another viewer for that post, then even I’ll be glad the button didn’t load! And since this the first comment I ever gave, I am really glad you replied, so thanks for that!


        1. Haha you seem to be a wonderful person. Thank you! I am from India. I’m guessing you are, too.


  5. Hello there!
    I wanted to start reading your post from the first one.People often describe of how they fell in love at first sight.Your writings has made me fall in love with your words.It is enamored with the beauty that lies in your heart and I feel like reading it again and again.


    1. Hey!
      Thank you so much for this comment. It really means a lot.
      This isn’t my first post, however. It’ll be tough for you to find the first one, I’ve written over 90 posts.


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