Self-love is important.

A guide towards self love.

Comment down below more ways towards self love, and let the knowledge spread. Share this with your friends so that they can do it too. Enjoy!

Self love is being happy and alive without being drunk. And with the amount of liquor that flows in our veins today, it is pretty obvious that we barely remember what it is like to look into a mirror and not see a mess. Here are five (ever-green) ways  to fall in love with yourself again:

Get a dog

Or any pet. Waking up to the heavy breath of your dog on your face, sleeping with him curled up next to you, eating dinner with his eyes on your food, and taking walks on a sunny day will make you smile like nothing else. Playing fetch as he runs around like a madman will make you laugh so hard, you’ll forget all about hating yourself. How could you hate yourself when your puppy loves you so much?

Follow your dreams

Take a step towards it. If you love cooking, cook for yourself tonight instead of binge-eating on snacks while watching FRIENDS. Actually, do both. If you love painting, draw a small stick figure on your palm today. Don’t forget to draw his smile, cause I am sure he loves himself despite being skinny. Take the smallest or the biggest step you can, but make sure it is towards what you love. If your dream is to have a bucket list pencil-sliced in half, do it.

Help someone

The world has stressed on kindness for a long time now, and yet every body goes along their day like the watches on their hands. Help someone and see them smile. Your insides will light up with satisfaction and you will feel like you matter, because trust me, you do. Like the hand-crafted note from your crush, which mattered most to you among an ocean of gifts on your birthday, you still matter on a planet with over billions of people. You’re special. Make someone else feel this way too. Give them a reason for self love.

Take therapy

No, therapy isn’t only for people with very severe mental conditions. We are prone to mental and emotional issues as humans. We tend to take a lot of stress for things that don’t matter and care way too much for people we love. And that is not bad! Be a workaholic and a hopeless romantic. But if it gets too much, talk to someone. Not necessarily a professional therapist (because they charge you a lot sometimes), even a friend is fine. Therapy is letting all the stories built up inside of you come out to leave space for new ones.

Jump on a trampoline

This will always make you laugh, trust me on that. Look around the city and find a trampoline and then jump your way out of sadness. This might sound a bit far-fetched and it probably is, but it will make you laugh like a baby and that’ll be your first step towards self love.

Make yourself smile. This is the most important step that you could take towards self love. Make yourself smile and giggle every single day.

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82 thoughts on “A guide towards self love.”

  1. Great post Utsav ! One from my side would be Laugh and Smile more often . People nowdays tend to be conscious of whom they smile to and how they laugh. I think we should let go of this and smile and laugh as loud as we want to . You know what’s better than a hearty laugh! 😁 Ofcourse at appropriate times 😂.


  2. I am someone who is all about self-love because that is one love that will never leave your side until you die. Some of my favourite ways of self-love include being selfish of my own happiness and to completely cut out anyone who does not make me smile. Another way that is very therapeutic for me is to be alone, drink some tea (not coffee, tea with honey is relaxing), do photography on my own, take a dip in the pool alone, and my favorite is going on walks alone at night with preferably some rock/indie music playing and just breathe the fresh air. This is how I remain positive on an everyday basis. It is small things like these that keep me mentally healthy. Also, laugh at yourself and your mistakes.


      1. I agree. I do that, but since I am always surrounded by my friends and enemies, I try to take some of my time out to relax and breathe and put myself before anything else. But I do agree that challenging yourself to grow through them is also a type of self love.


  3. This is so beautiful and so, so important. Your second principle nearly sums up why I’m a writer. (And I hope my writing is also a way of helping people, so I hope it’s a little of the third one, too.)

    In addition, your unexpected and poetic way with words has a beautiful way of catching me off guard. “Therapy is letting all the stories built up inside of you come out to leave space for new ones.” I love that.


  4. Not sure if destiny exists, but this appeared the exact time I was looking for something that will ease my pain. Thanks! This helped me big time! 🙂


  5. Self love…Be at one with nature and calm your mind. That’s what I do. Take some time out and meditate. Banish negative thoughts. Nice read, thanks for sharing.


  6. Self Love. The first thing to remember is that its not a crime to love yourself.

    Nurtured egos dont translate to self love if theyre too big. – People are smarter than you think and recognize these things.


  7. Also, be GENuINE.. only way to love yourself fully is if you are true raw and humbly unabashedly yourself

    adverb: unabashedly

    without embarrassment or shame.

    You, and you alone, are the only one who gets to be YOU. So GO and BE YOU and own that shit! 🙂
    BE BRAVE, be the weirdness that you are without question, just BE

    “weirdness is ones unique expression of passionate awesomeness within the soul
    -embrace it”

    ~sending love to those who need it~


  8. A really simple one: Go out and find a wild flower. Look at it, smell it. Come visit it again at different times of the day. Build a treasure of memories you can revisit even at times, when there are no flowers.


  9. I love your comment about Therapy Utsav. I am a complementary health therapist and support people through their healing by releasing and letting go of what no longer serves them.

    My suggestion is to take off your shoes and scrunch your toes in the grass, on the sand, or in the dirt. Getting in touch with nature especially through your feet is really grounding and relaxing. Great post, thanks for sharing!


  10. I resonated with all of your points on self-loving. I also think one important aspect of self-love is of self-acceptance. Especially (acknowledging and) accepting our darker/less favoured sides/weaknesses. We tend to beat ourselves up for not being “perfect” a little too often.
    Accepting our flaws doesn’t mean we don’t take steps in becoming better. Rather, it means we love ourselves as a whole package including the good, bad and ugly as of this moment, but will gladly put efforts in uplifting ourselves.
    This mentality carved out a huge space in my heart for more self-loving:)


  11. Self love is a key step towards love of another on a healthy “true love” basis… love cannot be true if one side is significantly changing to meet the desires of the other. Self love protects against the loss of self while in love


  12. Hey Utsav. I loved reading your posts. It is so true that we tend to forget about ourselves in the chaos of the world around. Your post on self -love has inspired me to write one myself 😀


  13. Beautifully written! From my end, I would say to have more gratitude in your life. It’s so easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of our age that we forget about what we already have. Thanks for sharing ❤


    1. This might be the best answer I’ve gotten. So good that it makes me want to know you better. Thank you ❤


    1. I’m really really glad it did. Thank you so much for reading ❤
      (Also, is it just me or you look just like Dakota Johnson? Beautiful.)


  14. This was a beautiful post!! And it was the very post for me to read as a brand new blogger. Needless to say this got me so excited to read more about other people’s blogs! I love the self-love tips. All of them are so true ❤ One of my favorite things is to just get outside- feel the sunshine on your face, feel the wind through your hair, the ground beneath your feet. Anytime I go outside, even if it is just a brisk 5 minute walk, my mood is always lifted!


        1. Well, how about we chat there and get to know each other? I’ll delete the comment so that no one else gets your id. It’s your call.


        2. Well dear right now I am on vacation so let me get back to pavilion and then we can chat. btw it’s not hidden account there also I share quotes to spread little positivity! 😊


  15. Really good post, in my blog “obsession with perfection” there is a paragraph about self love I hope you may read it 🙂


  16. Meditation is so important. I have been working on self love by meditating focusing on my inner child for 6 weeks now , most days and I feel like a different person. A spiritual person. great post. Thanks


  17. I wholeheartedly agree with following your dreams. That’s actually why I started my blog — I couldn’t let my passions take a backseat in my life anymore! I also practice yoga and meditation regularly because I always feel better when my mind, body, and soul are connected.


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