How terrible must a world be


I have a few questions.

How terrible
must a world be
for innocents to die
and rogues to live?
How terrible
must a world be
for just two words
to be able to sum it up?
“Me too.”

How terrible
must a world be
for hearts to be broken
and promises alike?
How terrible
must a world be
for girls to be raped
and guys to be demoralized?
How terrible
must a world be
for Aleppo to fall
and have disasters everywhere?

It must be
as terrible as
the world you and I
live in.

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

33 thoughts on “Earth.”

  1. Terrible. Yes, that is the word.
    I hope we leave this world less terrible than it is.
    And I truly consider that animals are way more civilized than us.


  2. How wonderful must a world be for children to be taken in and cared for by

    How wonderful must a world be to have colours brighter than those in our imagination

    How Wonderful must a world be when the oceans stretch so far past our reach

    How wonderful must a world be That forgiveness and repentance are within a creatures capability

    How wonderful must it be for love that is not defined or confined by languages and countries.

    How wonderful must a world be for a father to lift a child onto his shoulders and laugh

    How wonderful must a world be to have ice cream and cake

    How wonderful are flowers and mothers and fresh air and light.

    It must be as wonderful as the terrible world we live in.

    Great Poem sir!


  3. It feels overwhelming at times. Especially for people who care and give a fuck.
    But it sure helps to see, that there are others out there, that are struggling too.

    Thanks for writing that!


  4. Honored Utsav Raj, thank you for your gift of poetry and awareness. Remember, and I know this is difficult as we observe the slow destruction of structures we are accustomed to, but as your poem grieves for the imbalance which IS and creates the terrible state we have, these structures need to be removed so that the glorious, the wonderful, the very real can be built. It is my hope that your gentle nature can see the growth of the Wonderful that jsimelane replied with. My poetry is less useful than yours, I think. Again, thank you.


  5. Yes thanks for spreading light on the many injustice in the world through poetry. It feels like we live in a never ending cycle of violence and whilst we’ve progressed in some ways, history keeps repeating itself.


  6. Though the world

    may seem

    A place

    of catastrophe and pain,


    for beauty –


    a silent way.

    …Thank you for your interest in my work. I was inspired by your post to write this, and have linked back to yours from this post on mine. Best wishes, Michael


  7. Beautiful. If I was on any social media, I would definitely share your work! Unfortunately I’m not, but I’ll leave other people to do that ^ ^ your work is very powerful, you are very talented. Keep it up! I’m sure it makes people smile every day – it sure made me smile! ^ ^


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