criticism and humans.

The thin line.

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“Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.” – Albert Einstein.

Criticism is healthy as long as it is positive and constructive. Things can seriously get messed up otherwise. There is a very thin but fatal line between positive and negative criticism. Positive motivates, but negative demotivates. One builds, whereas the other can destroy. Positive upgrades, and negative degrades. A change in tone, a wrong choice of words, or outright complaints can push positives over the thin line.

I have seen both sides of this coin, and the negative is not as pretty as the positive. It is draining me out, feeding on my doubts and insecurities, but I know I have to stay strong. Whenever any of my friend is upset, I always promise them one thing. That it will be okay. Wise men say people always have the solutions to every problem except their own. I have to believe it will be okay, and so do you.

Here is the deal.

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The light at the end of the tunnel appears. When you awaken the fire inside of you, everything lights up. But the darkness can return if the doubts or fears are called upon in an inconsiderate way.

You have to learn to digest a few brutal criticisms here and there, but you have got to learn to believe in yourself and keep the fire burning if the darkness tries to rise. It will not be easy, it will definitely not be over soon enough, but it will end and as once said :

“In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life: It goes on.” – Robert Frost.

A healthy mind can handle criticism. It blossoms because of it. You have to, too. Positive or negative, keep improving yourself. Be the best versions of yourself. Learn to take criticism seriously, not personally (Hillary Clinton). Be positive. The flower will blossom, just work till the right season comes along.

And to all you critics out there, do what you got to do. Just be a better version of yourselves at it. Thank you, too.

Criticism should not be out-right disapproval. Make sure not to cross the thin line.

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19 thoughts on “The thin line.”

  1. Nice post. I might add, have the courage to criticize positively rather than negatively, or even give false praise. Stay strong. Keep writing.


  2. I like the way you cross the line between positive and negative criticism and the way you illustrate each of them. I always thought it to be (simple) criticism vs. constructive criticism, though, but these ones’ definitions would be quite the same as yours, I believe.


  3. Encouragement always brings out the best in people. If we are encouraged we strive to be even better the next time. It opens us to believing in ourselves when others clearly see that and encourage that. Great post Utsav.


  4. I wanted to ‘like’ this, but the button wouldn’t work! So here I am to say: I liked this post! There is an art to constructive criticism, but I think it can be taught. has great guidelines that showed me mistakes I had made in the past, and helped me to be more mindful and collaborative when giving crticism going forward. They are worth a re-read every so often to keep myself on track. Good luck!


  5. I love the way you’ve written this and i couldn’t agree more…. Things could be so much happier if we looked at negative criticism as rabbits rather than ducks(if you know what I mean)cause they really don’t matter right?


    1. I’ve checked and it seems to be working. Must be an issue with your browser. No worries though, I am glad you liked it.


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