13 reasons why you should fall in love.

13 reasons why.

13 reasons why.

Love is an eight-year old, flying around and playing all the time. His favorite toy is a bow and arrows. I am so sorry, but his mother had failed to teach him that violence wasn’t the answer, because every time she did, he’d pout and say ‘But I make them feel happy’. He didn’t get it, and neither did she. Did we?

Here are 13 reasons why you should fall in love, even if your heart is broken.

  1. Cupid insisted that it’ll make you happy. You’ll smile like an idiot, while everyone in the room sulks like a stormy cloud about to burst.
  2. It’ll feel like a cold shower after an exhausting day in the heat of your city. Every drop that’ll touch your skin will make you arch your back and sigh in relief.
  3. Love will be the band-aid, hiding and healing your cuts while you smile and move on with your life.
  4. It will taste like coffee, waking up every emotion inside of you with whispered promises of a forever.
  5. Because if you do, you’ll have a human blanket that’ll keep the temperature just right.
  6. Your dog always needs more love.
  7. Cupid’s arrow is made of fantasies, happiness, tears and a dash of reality.
  8. Terraces, homes and hearts will be a little less empty, and the world could use the help.
  9. It’ll give you the same happiness that you feel when you touch a new paperback. He will be your paperback human and coffee-bean love.
  10. Self-love will become much more easier with her lips on your neck and her arms around your waist.
  11. Love will sound like a child-hood story that makes you calm down and fall asleep.
  12. Cupid knew that a little violence, a small heart-break can be overlooked for true love. The eight year old was right all along.
  13. The sex, duh.

Yes, this is inspired by and is kind of in honor for the season 2 of Thirteen Reasons Why.

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44 thoughts on “13 reasons why.”

  1. Opening yourself up to love allows you to be vulnerable. It takes courage but the rewards can be so great. I have loved and lost many times, like all of us, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The highs were so wonderful (yes, and the sex! 😉 ) and after the dust settled, I realized how much I learned about myself and about life. Great post!


  2. I will be honest . I have not even completed reading this post but i decided to drop in a comment before I forget to do so.
    It is beautiful. And I am not saying this so that you come to my blog and follow me or like a post of mine .
    No.In fact don’t visit my blog.
    You have written this post in a very felt way and the advantage of doing so is, people can relate to it by holding onto the creative path which you have set forth with your writing. People can relate to it because it is real.
    Please continue to write because the world, needs more of this.



        1. Not poetry books. I do surf for some on the net sometimes. You want to have this conversation someplace else?


        2. I’m kinda busy right now, but I’ll mail you at 9 or 10? Hoping to get a reply soon too, cause I’m not am mail kind of guy.


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