humans have faults


Hey! I am sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been going through a tough period and so couldn’t write. But here I am, and here is a poem on humans. Enjoy!

Humans have faults.
We give names to feelings,
but forget to give it life.
Often confuse ourselves
Feel something, call it another.
Judge people
On race, and skin
On sex, and sexuality.
We often misunderstand
The hearts within.
Humans have faults,
but that’s just a part of being us.
After all,
We are all Jon Snows in this world;
We know nothing.

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

42 thoughts on “98.”

  1. It’s so beautiful… I especially relate with giving names to feelings, but forgetting to give them life. In our present materialist global culture emotions & feelings, which are one of the most treasured gifts in humans, are given the least consideration, only success, power, & realistic objectivity matter!!!


  2. This was so beautifully and wisely written, Utsav. I hope you feel better soon and know that your readers are always willing to listen and wait.


    1. Hey, thanks. It really means a lot. I don’t do awards anymore, but I will mention you in my next post for it. Thank you ❤


  3. Which Jon Snow?
    “Judge people
    On race, and skin
    On sex, and sexuality.
    We often misunderstand
    The hearts within.”

    Oh dear, you are so right. Black or white, yellow or brown we are all guilty of this on occasions. Many is the time I have been humbled (actually severely humbled) by misjudging someone on the London underground. Looking at someone through a distorted lense and then watching him or her perform an act of great kindness towards an old lady or an old man.


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