I have some questions

I have some questions.

I have some questions.

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What made me fall so crazily in love with you?
Was it the way your wrinkled eyes,
And the curve of your smile looked exactly the same,
Or was it the way you traced your fingers down by back,
Like a map to the end of a rainbow?

How have I listened to your stories everyday,
about how you only ate half a sandwich,
and what your shitty job has to offer,
But never written my own?

Why have I poured and poured myself,
Into the infinity that you are,
And never realized that I was almost empty?

When did I stop holding myself together,
stop being my own tape and glue,
Just to stop you from falling apart?

How have I been everything for you,
And nothing for myself?

Why are you the protagonist,
in my biography?

Did I really mess myself up this bad?

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Utsav Raj

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26 thoughts on “I have some questions.”

  1. I guess someyimes we’re better off not knowing the answers to questions…. The “what if” sometimes are a lot easier to handle than the disasters they could’ve been….


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