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Comment down below the story of your most cherished kiss, or your first kiss.

I’ve kissed you a thousand times,
Each time a little differently.
The first time,
I pinned you against a wall,
and looked into your whiskey eyes,
on your sunset lipstick,
and on your flushed cheekbones.
I kissed you with passion.
I’ve always wanted to die,
And you tasted like poison.

The tenth time,
You had sand in your hair,
and attraction in your eyes.
Vodka lingered on your lips,
And every story inside of me
That needed some courage,
Tasted you near the blueberry waves.

The sixtieth time,
We were naked on a red bed-sheet,
No eyes prying to find the secrets of my hollow heart,
or of the stories hidden behind your mountain chest.
I kissed you,
Your chest pressed against mine,
My hands on your inner thigh,
And you tasted like water,
My goddamn necessity.

The last time I kissed you,
You were crying and shivering,
I was stunned to silence,
As if a bullet had gone right through our hearts.
The kiss tasted a little salty,
and it tasted like the last fucking time,
I kissed you.

I have kissed you a thousand times,
And each time a little differently.

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

106 thoughts on “Kisses.”

  1. This just made me realise i dont have a cherished memory of a kiss. I think that’s what happens when you are driven by sheer lust and nothing else. But great poem, Utsav. I love how you conveyed how a relationship unfolds in terms of kisses.


  2. This is a beautiful one! Really the whole day I’ve been running around but this poem stopped my completely 😍


  3. I read on but then re-read the last stanza, it was beautiful.

    My dear one kissed me on my cheek while consoling me and you know what, I cried more because of the overwhelming love.



  4. Mine was on Valentine’s Day 2016 after seeing a movie with a friend, I cannot remember the movie but I’ll never forget that kiss. It was electrifying 😍


  5. So… vivid, and in made me think about my past that by the end of it “You were crying and shivering,
    I was stunned to silence” a lot of memories have been brought back. Amazing poem! ❤


  6. A friend in elementary school I was visiting her house, we were playmates, and she took me to her garage, told me to get in the car with her, and she kissed me.

    It was wet and not very pleasant.

    The makeout sessions with my now-ex in college were unbelievable though.


  7. I think my emotional pathways are skewed or maybe I just haven’t loved yet. My first kiss way last year, I was 20yrs. Till now, I still find a way to avoid kissing. When will I move beyond it?


        1. HAHA nope.
          well you should know that I just posted a poem I read your poem on home and how you said its basically impossible to describe pain so I wrote a poem on it


  8. It could be same story of heart breaking and the shattering,but you didn’t let it,that may be your way of telling the story,which is magnificently intrisic.


  9. Beautiful captured stages of a relationship too! Loved following that kissing trail. 🙂 My first love had the most daring and complimentary tongue. I will always remember the fierceness but also the sweet sensuality. Thanks for this lovely piece.


  10. The first kiss with the man I love was “a cheap ass kiss.” He told me later he was afraid I would hurt him again, like I did when I moved away. We were just friends then, but whenever I thought of him, he made me smile.
    So, 9 years later, I called him up, we met up (thus the cheap ass kiss), but eventually I moved back to SD to marry him.
    It was good he gave me that cheap ass kiss. I needed to remember this man has a heart and real feelings.


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