crayons hospitals

Crayon hospitals.

Crayon hospitals.

Hospitals freak a lot of people out. Share your hospital story in the comment section below!

I sat by her bedside,
Held her paper pale hands,
And stared blankly at everything,
That today had become.
The hospital walls crayon pink and blue,
The tables a stable horse.
A vase that remind me of our fourth anniversary,
And a picture frame that was empty.
The air depressed and anxious,
and my eyeballs frantic.
Her paper pale hands,
And Christmas shirt,
And no obvious signs that she was hurt.
No smile, frown, pain or love,
The truth pretending to be a lie.

I blabbered on and on,
About what my day was like,
Even though she probably knew,
All day I was by her side.
I told her about the birds and cars,
And how I secretly had had vodka,
About her dads crooked smile,
But not about his ruby nose,
And his wet face.
I told her I loved her.

As the doctor told me something,
I wrote down a list of the fastest things in the world:
My heartbeat

“She has cancer,
I’m so sorry.”

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

27 thoughts on “Crayon hospitals.”

  1. It is beautifully sad. I can relay to this since two of my relatives are going through cancer too. But more so because my mom was admitted in the hospital recently too. The thing I noticed about the place is that whatever you do, you cannot stop feeling the loneliness and despair that surrounds the atmosphere there.


  2. It’s a pretty, but also sad piece. My hospital experiences were always sad. Reading what you wrote reminded me of a story I heard years ago. I don’t know if, the hospital window, is the title, but if you Google it then you can find it. It’s way too long to share here.


  3. This is a beautiful poem. Ive had a lot of experiences with hospitals that are all on my blog but what they all have in common is how you always feel lonely, yet there’s hundreds of people, and it’s a place that always seems to cause pain.


  4. I have lived in a hospital for many, many years now. My walls are pale crayon yellow with dark crayon orange doors. The visitors are not as frequent as the years go on. I understand. I don’t want to be here either…


      1. Oh hun, I have ALS. This is my home. It is what it is and you know, I wouldn’t change a thing. If I had not moved in here then I would have never met my husband! He left me to build our home in the Heavens so while I sometimes feel lonely, I just have to remember that he is watching over me while I finish what I am here for. No matter how things seem, once you turn the next corner you can see what you need. Remember that my friend xo


  5. Those are very tough moments. The days blur at the edges and you just want to escape to the fresh air outdoors, for all to be well as it once was, and to just breathe…well written 🌷


  6. Really well written! Especially the last part is beautiful and heartbreaking:

    “As the doctor told me something,
    I wrote down a list of the fastest things in the world:
    My heartbeat


  7. Thank you for sharing Utsav, I really enjoyed this poem.

    The last time I was in a hospital I was laid at the side of my dearest friend, his wife, also my dearest friend was on his other side. We laid there for what seemed an eternity praying for more time. Then softly, quietly, we heard his last breath. Tears welled inside and I realised they were of joy at his beautiful passing, that I was privileged to be a part of. No more suffering, just a blissful peace that filled the room and my heart broke 💔The second year anniversary of his passing happens to be tomorrow 😢


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