Addicted to love


It’s late, and I’m still thinking about you. I am addicted to you.

​”I am addicted.
She is my bottle of vodka.
She is my cookie crumbs.
She is the eighth colour of my rainbow.
The colour that’s everywhere,
Except inside the rainbow.
She is my three A.M.
The three A.M. pain I write about,
And the three A.M. calls I don’t make.
She is my happy ever after.
The happy ever after in a fairytale,
In those tales for my three A.M. kid,
In those stories for my four A.M. demons,
In those lullabies for my five A.M. drowsy eyes.
She is my sushi.
She is my ‘one eyelash – one wish’.
She is my 11:11 ‘Wish, please come true’.
She is my cigarette.
Here’s the fucking problem.
I’m addicted.
And she’s my nicotine patch.”

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

67 thoughts on “Midnight. ”

  1. This is unique. Never heard anyone compared to a wishing eyelash or sushi or a rainbow’s 8th color. Very clever and creative. Love this.


  2. This is really pretty. If you feel this way about someone I hope you tell them everyday. Without words or a loving embrace people won’t know.

    My first thought was this makes me think of the song by Sarah McLachlan called, Ice Cream. But then I got a line from a SHINee song in my head. It comes from Replay. The guy sings about his love and says something like, she doesn’t know it’s sincere because she’s never experienced sincere love. It’s not that people can’t change their views, but they need the good every day till that becomes the norm. If you want a love to believe you then you have to convince them.


      1. Too bad. I think that I would love to be the muse, and lover of such a talented man! Of course, I do have my husband making a home for us on the other side so I guess that I do have that love. Sometimes I forget, you know? You will find your someone. xo


  3. It draws me back to that insane feeling of yearning for somebody special. Great piece, I enjoyed it very much.
    And I had to read about the eighth colour of the rainbow, interesting stuff. 🙂


  4. I love these lines to the moon and back. Especially the interplay with the times in the night and the evolving mental state of the lover. Really wonderful work.


  5. Your work is absolutely excellent. I fell in love with your texts. You are very original and I am think that is your greatest virtue. I can not wait to re-publish something like this. I am trying to write songs and stories and I would love to see in my texts that incredible feeling I felt when I read yours. I know this sounds very strange, but I had a terrible day and your text was able to fix it. thank you for that 🙂 continue with your excellent work and I hope you will give me some advice. P.S. I’m from Croatia so sorry for my bad English. I hope you understand what I was going to say. 🙂


    1. Hey. This really means a lot. One of the best comments I’ve had. Thank you so much ❤
      Your English wasn’t bad at all, and anyway, I happen to love Croatia. So anything for you.


      1. You’re welcome . Always. If it’s not problem … I’ve posted one text on my site so if you could read it and give me a critique or a tip I would be very grateful and it will means a lot to me. Continue with good work. 🙂


  6. Thanks for liking my post I don’t often have enough time in my day to explore other blogs. I was delighted to see a like and honestly curious to see who liked it! Luckily my curiosity got the better of me and I poked around. Love the stuff I have had a chance to read so far. ill definitely be making an effort to read more. Great writing its an inspiration to those of us who are not yet as evolved in out abilities as yet.


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