Roller-coasters and books.

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Roller-coasters and books.

What a world this has become,
a damned roller-coaster of sorts.
The high of drugs,
The low of love.
The slow anticipation of the drop,
As we make a ladder out of our expectations.
The wind rushing against your face,
your eyes closing to reality.
The screams and the shouts,
Uninvited and definitely not asked for.
A few tears on the cheek,
A little blood on your wrist.
A damned roller-coaster of sorts.

What a world this has become,
A book that hasn’t been opened, of sorts.
The mundane stories,
The extra-ordinary perspectives.
Dust on our shoulders,
And a price tag at the back.
Paper back touches that we lack.
Hidden in a closet,
While people use Kindles.
Unable to knock, or be heard,
Humans always in the closet,
Poetry muffled through the pages.
A book that hasn’t been opened, of sorts.

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Utsav Raj

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53 thoughts on “Roller-coasters and books.”

  1. This was beautiful. I’m can relate to the book one. No one wants to read hard copies anymore. I also agree with Taru Gupta. What’s makes someone beautiful is willing to share something that no on ever will. Experiences, thoughts, and one’s way of thinking. No matter how it’s shared.


  2. I remember how upset I was when people first started using Kindle. I thought hard copies of books would become a thing of the past. Luckily, they haven’t. Instead, we’ve seen a revival of reading. But to me, there’s nothing like the smell and feel of a book in my hands. It’s why libraries are one of my favorite places. Long live the written word!


      1. Of course I just pushed share no copy and paste.. I’m an artist myself and I would never take credit for anyone else’s work …I’ve had that done to me and it hurts my heart..I’d never share that experience.


  3. This was so beautiful, I actually had to think for ten minutes before I posted a comment that was good enough for this… Turns out, it’s really not possible.


  4. Well thought, imaginatively expressed! Book lovers, life survivors, and kindle users – all combined with an amusement park metaphor – ‘of sorts.’ Thank you for sharing. Our day is richer for having read this.


  5. Books are love and it’s the feel of the paper, the smell which is wonderful. Kindles are nothing in front of them.

    Lovely poem ( made me pick up my book to read😛)


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