an interview with god

In conversation with: God

In conversation with: God

G: “So, do you have any questions for me?”

Me: “Oh, many.”

God: “Ask.”

Me: “I hear you’re pitching a product in the business meeting. What’s it called?”

G: “Life.”

Me: “Right. How many other gods are there in the meeting with you?”

God: “I don’t know. It’s my first day, too. Maybe it’s just me, maybe there are tens of thousands more.”

Me: “I heard rumors that your product was found faulty in the testing process. Had many mistakes, was known to be unfair and unpredictable.  Why such shitty management?”

G: “Umm.. That was actually on purpose. I can’t tell you the reason, though. You want to hear a crazy fact?”

Me: “Yeah?”

God: “That is how I came up with the tagline! Life isn’t fair. Isn’t that hilarious?”

Me: “Not really. Anyway, here I go. Brace yourself. Why do you give reasons to be grateful to half the world and reasons to hate you to the other half? You give birth to rebellion and jealousy like that’s your favorite pastime. Watch buildings burn down and called history. You give me tequila shots as sleeping pills while a kid in Syria gets actual gun wounds. You give us battles and you give us battle scars. Why do you make my best friend gay and then stop him from talking to the guy he has a crush on, who sits all the way in the back of the class? You give that rich kid across the street Adidas and the poor mother that begs at the kid’s door, stolen sandals. What is your favorite pastime?”

G: “Finding and solving glitches in my product. But I have a feeling you think I am not doing a very thorough job at it.”

Me: “Trying my best to make it obvious. Sometimes, I feel like you are a novel and we, a divided fandom wondering, discussing, arguing about your existence. Sometimes, you seem like a teacher who loves telling kids that she’ll take surprise tests, but never really does. You seem to be a babysitter who is being paid for one thing, but is busy doing another. You’re an artist, no doubt. You made Christmas trees and hot chocolate. But sometimes you seem like you’re an artist gone rogue bringing to life weird things that shouldn’t be. Are you angry because you’re just getting exposure instead of money?”

God: “I’m sort of late for my meeting. It was nice talking to you!”

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I’ve written this and so this is in no way intended to spark a debate between believers and atheists. Give me prompts in the comment section below and share if you liked this!

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

109 thoughts on “In conversation with: God”

  1. I wanted to file a complain with him many times but then I realized it doesn’t matter if he is real or not. I’m going to behave the way I want and so do all the other people. The problem with the world isn’t God. The problem is we don’t love people enough to help them. If we all cared and did something most of the problems would go away.

    I really like the story.


    1. The problem is indeed that people don’t believe in God. God is love and if people would love Jesus Christ, they would also change their actions and love their neighbours. But people choose to sin and do evil instead of following Jesus. That’s the root. Sadly.


  2. Interesting read. I agree with Theenchantedlabyrinth… People are the problem, not God. He gave us life, he even sent someone to teach how to live it, and then he gave free will… unfortunately, people don’t always make good, right, loving decisions. Interesting read. Thank you.


  3. Thoughtful post.
    Have you thought about why you value the things you do? Why you value kindness, peace, love, the ability to express yourself freely, have you ever thought about why you value these things?
    I think it’s because the world is full of hate, conflict, cruelty, and tyrants. Without these things, we could never appreciate the things we do.
    And these two sides, evil and good, are born from none other than our free will. God gave us free will; that is why you are able to type out this post challenging him. God gave us free will; that is why I’m typing out this comment to defend him. Free will means different opinions. Different opinions means conflict. Conflict, if not tended to, will cause battle, and battle will cause pain.
    I think God made humanity just the way he wanted it to be made. After all, if every human was perfect, then nobody would be. If everyone was nice and kind and could go to Heaven (or whichever afterlife), then what would be the point of life? Life is a challenge – can you remain a good person throughout it?
    Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I believe conflict is something very special. It is the epitome of our differences – it shows that we, are different from each other and therefore special.


  4. I wonder often if God, who we presume created religion–at least, most religions claim to be of God’s issue–feels comfortable with the conflation of industry, politics, and religion. This power-seeking composition seems to result in a disatisfactory jumble for all three constituents. Many argue that it’s worst of all for religion. Unless you like private jets for pastors, laws prohibiting the “bad” religions, and $27.50 prayer tea cozies, available at our online prayer shop. (Free Shipping during LENT!)

    Could you query The Grand Fromage on that topic, next time you two gab?


      1. …us from the bondage of religion and made it so that salvation through him is our saving grace. That’s not to say that the mosaic law shouldn’t be followed but religion is not relationship with God and being religious doesn’t get us into heaven.

        John 3:3
        “Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.’”


      2. “I believe religion is man made.” Yes, me too. But each religion seems eager to claim that they are the real-official-sanctioned-one&only religion approved by, blueprinted by, shop drawings stamped by, vetted and charetted by…by you-know-Who, that’s who. ♩”When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that’s the best…” ♪♪


        1. I believe that the God of Abraham is the only God and that the Bible is the only truth. That pretty much falls under Christianity, so I see what you are saying. But my belief is more about the who (as in God) than the what (religion). But I grew up in non-denominational church that preached the word of God.


  5. My thoughts… God only wants whats best for us. Why would he create and then destroy. He sent us the rainbow as a reminder of a promise he made…He will never destroy again. This world suffers due to each of our own decsisions we make. I wrote this a while back…..

    Just for the record ~ illness ~ accidents ~ suicide or disasters is not in the plans that God has for you. Struggles come from the wicked. 1 Peter 5:8 Most importantly, be disciplined and stay on guard. Your enemy, the devil, is prowling around outside like a roaring lion, just waiting and hoping for the chance to devour someone.

    The spiritual realm is real ~ just as real as the physical realm that is familiar. Search, ask, knock, pay attention, be aware, be alert, be responsive to what the human eye cannot see. Open your spiritual eyes. Underneath an unhardened heart, your loving eyes, you will find.

    Remember God’s love language ~ PRAYER. The one who chooses not to accept His unconditional love, His promises, His gifts, His blessings, His protection, His word and does not call on Him, reaps the consequences of those choices.l

    You ask… Why is life so hard?

    My thoughts….People struggle through life and make it difficult for themselves because they believe they can do life all by themselves. They set out to prove to themselves as well as to others that there is no need for any assistance. They have it all figured out.

    Do you know why? ~ Egos

    Yes, our ego gets in the way. Gods Love is unconditional. His son, Jesus willingly demonstrated the depth of Gods love for ALL! Gods desire(not will) is for All to experience his unconditional love and for All to love unconditionally. Receiving love is difficult for some. When one’s love is without conditions, the struggle is over. It is to experience not to accomplish.


  6. You know, in today’s world the count of atheists have increased ten folds than that of devotees, Life is nothing but a journey from B to D, B is for Birth and D is for Death. We can’t control B or D, what we can control is C, i.e., Choice. So, God didn’t made humans shoot the innocent child in Siria, God didn’t made us hate each other to create diversity, God didn’t burned down cities by atomic blasts to make history, it was all along OUR Choice, when we chose the wrong over the right! If he was that much criminal minded, he wouldn’t have let science discover great things, like, recent discovery of flying suit or flying car. Anyway, actually, it is our thought process that what we cannot do we force it on others, if we’ve done a terrible mistake, we blame it on others. And the most easy victim for us is obviously someone, who wouldn’t make a come back, i.e., God of course. So we, always victimize him by complaining what a terrible manager he is, that he can’t even control Our Choices and insights.
    I am not here to make a debate, but someone has to point out, Our Own Mistakes, that we are reluctant to accept.


  7. A very creative text.
    But I think the point is that we do not live the life that God designed for us and then complain about the problems that come up. Using the example of product launching as you did, it’s as if God had produced a car and we complained about drowning while we trying to use it as a submarine.


  8. Hey, thank you for visiting/ appreciation on my Post today, and yes, loved this one too. Chatting with God… Its the best part of myday, and can drive one up the wall. :))) His Mystery and my madness. His Invisibility and my gravity. Unequal ?? sure. But the dialogue never stops. Our curiosity never dies, nor our hunger for His verdicts on us, for His love. Like a moth to the Flame,…we never stop looking…


  9. I’ve often heard God anthropomorphized and analogized as a Father. Human Parents who allowed their children to kill and abuse each other would be considered evil parents and would be arrested. Human parents say they are not wise enough to teach their children properly or they don’t have the resources to do better. One might think that a super powerful parent with infinite resources and magic powers could do better. It’s not a matter of unlimited free will — good parents don’t let their children run wild until they’re learned a few things. Five year olds are not given the keys to the car and allowed to drive on a highway at 100 miles-an-hour even if they’ve watched cars on television and want to drive. They say, “I have free will and I can find the keys and drive the car, and I can have ice cream and cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner….”. Sure, why not — a 2 year-old can fly a jet plane they say because it’s computerized. Balderdash.


  10. “For god has penned up all men to disobedience only that he may have mercy on them all.”
    This kind of sums up for me the mysterious way God works. How could we ever know his unconditional love if we weren’t so fundamentally unworthy of it?


  11. Wow! This is great. I mean, I like the way how you made the conversation go and how we as readers should ponder on it.


  12. My favorite line,
    “Sometimes, I feel like you are a novel and we, a divided fandom wondering, discussing, arguing about your existence”

    I know my God has a reason for everything, even if that reason is to allow us to learn consequences of our free will. He’s planned everything for the good of his children…
    Newton’s Law teaches for every ACTION, there is an OPPOSITE, and EQUAL reaction.
    With God and Glory comes Hell and High Waters


  13. Thanks for liking my post.
    This write-up was can I call it ‘grippy’. It brought me to so much deep thinking. Thanks for that.
    My thoughts:
    God is a timeless being, of holy eyes and principled.
    He’s intent at creation was to make an almost-replica of himself. But this plan got messed up by man himself.
    Look at it as a parent getting a new dress for his child and that child goes ahead to shred it in pieces. The parent doesn’t have reduced love for this child. He even tries to talk to and bring the child to order but there is nothing that can be done to the dress.

    God is so. We brought the mess upon ourselves and he rules in order. He made us free agents and yet his love still beckons us to truth.
    That’s why there is the guilt we feel when we go wrong. That silent consciousness that we want things to be perfect. That him! Talking to us with love and compassion, saying “you don’t have to sulk it up over this. You don’t have to fall and remain. You did wrong. But I can get you another dress. Just don’t be careless next time”
    I mentioned he is principled. The wisdom of worldwide political and organizational rule follows after God’s cos he is the Creator. He made man free moral agents and he follows through with that cos He operates under order.
    If he changes like man, then He will no longer be God.
    Like someone rightly put, “He is God at the peak of it all things and needs no further perfection”
    Yet, he brings himself down to our levels. I call it love.
    Love changes everything .
    Love makes the difference.

    “Greater love has no man than this…”
    John 15:13

    I have decided to play my part. The world sucks but yet in Him is bliss. I come under His love.
    I will shine this love and just maybe my neighbour will be propelled to do so and he the next and on, till we light the world.

    Thank you


  14. Life and all things is juz a game for god…like a small baby make a house of sand with full concentration then destroy it with own hands..that baby never feel sad or happy for that sand house …same for god its juz a game we all players playing a role …..!!


  15. Loved the dialogue, Utsav Raj – and the humor is essential: no preaching there. Preaching is not helpful 🙂 🙂 🙂


  16. Very open and honest brother. I myself have had similar questions to God. For a long time I was mad at even being born at all. It kind of feels like we are just thrown into the “Hunger Games” or something. I found my peace in Jesus, but I still have all kinds of questions about God and creation that I can’t answer. A lot of Christians might not admit that, but then again, I’m not most Christians. Peace to you brother.


        1. I’ve chosen my own ways to understand what needs to be understood. It’ll work out eventually. I did mention that as I have written this, it isn’t meant to start a debate. Thank you for reading, though.


  17. Do you know the Bon Jovi song “You give love a bad name” well religion has given God a bad name. I have written pages of poetry raging about religiosity. I agree with others that God gave us all free will and choice and we make the call. I love what a famous preacher said “Jesus did not die so we could all have a religion but rather so we could have a intimate personal relationship with God”. I still think the piece you wrote was interesting. I appreciate the talent and creativity of all those on WordPress.


  18. I admire the creativity your post displays. It is never easy to pick up topics that are bound to ruffle more feathers than expected. Keep exploring and satiating your hunger 🙂 .


  19. Although I respectfully disagree with the “God” depicted in this story I like the back and forth dialogue haha. The mystery that shrouds God and live’s bigger questions are depicted well int his post. Thanks for sharing!


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