Believe the lies.

You believe me.

What is the worst lie you’ve told someone? Did they believe you? Tell me in the comments section below. Also, I added a donate button in the footer of my page, so any one who’d like to use it, is appreciated. Love to all of you, fam ∞

When I tell you her eyes were whisky brown,
And that her husband never hit her,
inside walls of fear,
When I say that her eyes wrinkled,
Her teeth were crooked,
Her trust was a flower in spring,
And that she was submissive,
When I point out that her wrists are not cut,
And that her blood is just like mine,
Her words don’t shiver in the winter society,
And that she smiles a lot,
You believe me.

When I say he is a fighter,
And that he has never broken a heart,
Because he does not have a broken heart,
When I tell you his favorite color is purple,
And that he bleeds ink,
He pulls on his finger and locks the door twenty four times,
And is afraid to say he is in love.
When I point out that he does not know how to flirt,
But he is really charming,
When I say he watches Games of thrones,
And enjoys the nudity,
You believe me.

You believe that I am a writer,
And so my words don’t lie,
And that my heart definitely aches.
You believe I write love poems,
For a specific someone I lost to love or death,
For a specific something I cannot find anymore,
And you believe my lies.
That is why I lie.
Why I say
“I am okay.”

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Utsav Raj

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54 thoughts on “You believe me.”

  1. The worst lie I’ve ever told is probably just the same as the ending of your poem, saying I’m okay when I’m not and I have a million things to get off my chest and saying I’m okay with a game I really don’t want to play


  2. My worst lie is probably not words. It is when I met some people and smiled to them ( unbearable people they were).

    I see, your words were dancing here!!


  3. For almost everyday, I hear random people asking me “how are you?”
    No matter how I feel, I always answer “I’m fine. How are you?”
    Then, the same answer echoes.
    This is a poem that helps many to voice up their suffering. Well written ❤


  4. The worst lie I’ve ever told someone is that I lead a very happy life at home and I always have a smile on my face. Very few people know what actually goes around inside my brain 😮


  5. You won’t believe.. I never lie . That’s the reason people hate me . Because people love sweet lies instead of harsh truth. But yes, sometime I prefer to be silent if I know the truth & the person lie for the same.


    1. same 🙂 and yeah when i tell people they don’t believe me either. Since I was a kid, I have had this motto of “never lie” and honestly, no one and i mean no one truly believes me. it was the most frustrating thing 🙂


  6. I’ve never told a lie in my life!!! Kidding of course. Something I learned about lying recently is that it makes other people’s opinion more important than yours. I would rather be silent now than tell a lie, since I read that. It doesn’t throw diplomacy out the door. You don’t have to tell someone you like their hair when you don’t, maybe just say, “Wow.”


  7. honestly, i can’t remember. When some asks me whether i am okay or not, i usually tell them i am not okay but i will be, so that’s off the list. wow! i seriously cannot remember….but i can tell you this. the worst lie i have been told is fake people, insincerity, walls ….i hate it.


  8. Man. The worst lie I told someone was “I don’t know where it is.” Not because of the lie itself, but because of the fact that I really did know where what they were looking for was. I knew where it was because I stole it. Sad life.


  9. wow, that was good! keep sharing your art!
    a lie fro me: i told someone i loved them, but i lied to myself, so i lied to both of them, and the worst is i believed it and it took me time to figure it out. lying to yourself is always easy but then it becomes even easier and then… well, it takes you years to figure out the truth and bring healing.


  10. I answered without reading the poem “When I say I’m ok.” and then see you felt the same, it’s nice to know I’m not the only person who has done this. Very good piece, thank you!


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