our existence

Often, not always.

Often, not always.

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The existence of one,
Often justifies another.

I sometimes face a writer’s block,
But it validates my existence as a writer.

An eighteen year old woman,
Carries sanitary napkins in transparent bags,
Because things are changing.
The twenty-four year old however,
Covers every inch of her thighs and cleavage,
Because things aren’t changing,
As fast as they should.

A boy aged fourteen is in the gym,
And every one is shocked and downhearted.
A seventeen year old boy has love handles,
He is fat-shamed.

You are facing a financial crisis,
Your money is now around your neck,
Instead of growing on a metaphorical tree,
But it validates your financial existence.

The existence of one,
Often, not always, justifies another.

A fifteen year old is cutting her wrists,
But not her veins,
So that she dies only a little.
Because this pain will help her forget,
A part of her life.

A thirty year old is watching a television show,
And is late for work,
Because he doesn’t like his job,
And it isn’t working out anyway.

I don’t tell her I love her,
She’ll see my chapped lips and hear my slurred speech,
Laugh like a devil disguised as an angel,
And say no.
She definitely won’t say yes, will she?
I am scared and so, reluctant.

Often, not always.

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

54 thoughts on “Often, not always.”

  1. i was that 15 year old girl. Sad, remembering. Glad she has been put to rest, her with all her Bullshit. Good post.


  2. What’s really sad is that we actually believe our own bullshit, when it’s “often, not always” a deeper issue that we’re afraid to face. I’ll just air my dirty laundry for you and admit my battle is with addiction. It is the most surprisingly ridiculous how much bullshit I can make myself believe about why I can’t stay clean! Truth is, I don’t have the first clue as to why. It could be a different smelly pile of crap each time I rationalize why I go back to it. I like getting high. It’s really that simple. And the solution is just as simple… STOP! But I seem to like bullshit just as much as getting high. I should be so sick of the smell by now but apparently I need it to be smeared all over my face or something before I get it. I don’t know where I’m going with this but I hope it made sense to someone out there. ❤️❤️❤️


  3. When you love someone, tell them! You never know when that may be your last opportunity. An angel will see your soul beyond chapped lips or whatever you look like.


  4. I am highly willing to tackle negativity ( it increases!!), and it’s tricky but anyway, I am willing.
    Situations are bad though, sleeveless and knee length shorts become omigosh-this-is-illegal at some places.

    You hit at the right places, though.👍


  5. Well Nice post Utsav.. ✨
    The problem I’m willing to tackle is
    relationship problem. Last week, one of my friend hurt me and I was really upset just bcz of her. I don’t know why i hurted may be it happen bcz i expect something form her and my expectations gone wrong. So, I’ll suggest you not to expect something from your frnds. Now a days, My thinking for people is that the people or may be our friends are pretending that they’re our frnd but in reality they’re something else. May be I’m wrong but this is what I feel.. 😞
    So now I’m thinking of tackling it in a way that I’ll not hurt in future.
    I’m making myself stronger than before.. 🙌
    Thanks.. 😄


  6. All sad, and all true. The saddest part is people are willing to acknowledge it, but not do anything about it. All turn the other cheek. Thank you for sharing, maybe one day we’ll all inspire some change.


      1. As I write and piece together my book in progress I am going to put my chapters in here for people to read and comment on so I can tell whether or not what I’m writing is of a nice quality .. I also have some poetry and literature like short stories for people to read and hopefully enjoy 😊
        Hope that answers your question


    1. Hey Heena.
      It really means a lot that you nominated me for this! I don’t do full blogposts for awards, but I will pass on your nomination by nominating one person in my next post. That’s how I do it everytime. Thank you, beautiful.


  7. For two, maybe three, years I’ve been working — kindness, compassion, gratitude. Not there yet.

    Good poem. Kept my interest . Liked the imagery.

    Yet, ti’s curious how we so often refuse to risk rejection — curious, given how much we’ll suffer in later years that we never tried.

    Thanks for sharing


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