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One smile, alternate realities.

One smile, alternate realities.

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You don’t need other planets or parallel universes to have alternate realities. In a world of seven billion people, it might be safe to think you are unique, but your dreams may not be. There are thousands of people out there achieving everything you’ve wanted, and thousands who see you achieving everything they have ever wanted. That’s where Rumi butts in and makes things worse by stating that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. This tendency of having similar dreams and a never-ending thirst to achieve them, creates an alternate reality in the lives of thousands of people.

  • All he ever wanted was to see the smile on his daughter’s face. That is why, back in 1995 in the city of Oklahoma, the father had rushed to the store to buy a teddy bear for his new born daughter who wouldn’t stop crying. He knew she would smile if she wrapped her beautiful little Christmas fingers around the brown of the soft toy. How was he so sure? Because he loved them as a kid, and she was his daughter after all. As he went through aisles of soft toys to find the perfect bear with kind eyes and a smile like the night sky, he heard a blast. The earth shook with the cry of shattering glass and buildings in agony. Later that day, he was found sitting in ash and dust with a teddy bear in his hand.
  • Her daughter was twelve now, and she had never gotten the chance to see her. They had been separated when she was born because of pathetic reasons, and the twelve year old had been shifted to Canada, while she had to stay in Oklahoma. One morning in 1995, she got a call from her daughter asking to meet her. That day, the smile on the mother’s face would remind anyone of a thousand reasons why they should love their lives. The twinkle in her eyes as she dressed to go to Canada would wipe away all bad memories from your soul and make it smile. She was finally going to see her daughter’s smile, which she was sure looked like grandma’s cookies and hot chocolate. As she closed the door to her apartment, she saw the corridor of her apartment and life itself for one last time before a blast took her life instantly.
  • He was with his wife in a hospital in New York. His wife was pregnant, and several months ago, he had found out they were having a daughter. The news on the tv showed a blast in Oklahoma that had shaken America to its core, but he was still the happiest he had ever been. He closed his eyes as his wife was giving delivery, and prayed for every single person who lost someone or lost themselves in the terrorist attack. Prayed that their souls be blessed and that all of them merge into one and take birth as his daughter so that he can see them smile. When he heard the first cry of his daughter, he opened his eyes and cried himself. He held her in his arms as she stopped crying and looked in awe at his face. He named her ‘Aisha’ (means alive in English) and she smiled.

If you could live the same day and see you dreams play out but you have a different face, or your dreams fade away while your biceps don’t bulge anymore, you’d believe in time travel. Just because you don’t look the same in these alternate realities, does not mean you lose compassion for a person sharing the same dream. Stop looking for matching faces, and start looking for dreams.

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38 thoughts on “One smile, alternate realities.”

  1. I have started reading your blog not to long ago, your other pieces have been great this one for me however is the best of what I have read. Thanks for sharing it, I felt like I was those people felt their joy and then the sorrow of them having left the earth with all their dreams unfulfilled. Only to have at the end all the possibilities of a new life and the great faith we as people have being presented. I felt this post in all aspects. Great job.


  2. Pretty beautiful stuff. I was wondering, do you think that we can ever have a unique dream? A totally new and unprecedented dream localised to the individual alone? Or are we all individually pulling them from the collective unconscious, wether that be in this universe or another?


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