Sometimes I sit idle.

As a poet in the 21st century and as myself, my poems rarely have a rhyme scheme. Here is one of those rare ones. Hope you like it. Give me prompts, and also let me know how often you would like me to post!

Sometimes I sit idle.
So idle that you would confuse me,
With a dead body or a statue.
I don’t know what exactly you would see,
But I know how your mind would play tricks on you.
Me and the devil,
Satan and you,
We are all really alike.
We love things bright and new,
And we all get three strikes.

I am a human and I breathe,
Even if my limbs don’t move,
And my scars don’t bleed.
I sit in the darkness like a torch waiting to be found,
I gaze at you and speak without making any sound.
You know that,
And the devil does too,
And so the two of you consume me,
And make me a puppet.

I am a dead man and I stare,
For what else have I left to do?
What other secrets have I left to bare?
I lie in the darkness with eyes that don’t blink,
I zone in and out while you cry hard or think.
You know that,
And the devil does too,
And so I am left alone in a dark room,
With a flower or two.

I am a statue and I represent
A human who existed with purpose,
A man who understood exactly what you meant.
I stand in the darkness of the night alone,
I watch hundreds of others as they have grown.
You know that,
And the devil does too,
And so the two of you go on a date,
And talk about what I was.

Sometimes I sit idle.
So idle that you would confuse me,
With a dead body or a statue.

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

27 thoughts on “Sometimes I sit idle.”

  1. just amazing!
    i relate to your work a lot..i barely can express as well as you do through your heart woven writings.
    keep it all up…you’re doing great!
    i feel ..i don’t know..relieved..? after reading your work, as in something just lifts off my chest
    i guess i should stop now.


  2. I feel your heartstrings. Your writing is so varied, but always genuine. You asked how often you should write/post? As often as your heart has something it just can’t keep to itself!!


  3. I’m a fan of posting as often as you’d like while being sure you post enough to consistently pop in people’s inboxes to remind them you’re here (once a month, every two weeks at the very minimum as a creative writer). You asked for prompts… based upon only reading this and not knowing your other work, what about a poem of what it would be like to come across someone who is sitting so idly… what they’d be thinking of seeing you sit there consumes with whatever your consumed by. Maybe start with with “I don’t know if I should bother you or let you be…” and go from there wherever your heart takes you.

    Wonderful poem. I look forward to reading more! ~Shell


  4. It’s actually wonderful to catch poetry with a rhyme once in a while. Poets like Keats, Dickinson, Yeats ( …many more of them) are masters of rhyming poetry!

    For your poem here, the theme was vivid ( something new!).


  5. I like your rhyme scheme. I likewise drift more toward free verse as I feel it better allows me to say what I wish to. I’m only comfortable with rhyme in a certain meter and I always fear this becomes stale


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