The last sunset.

The last sunset.

The world wrapped their 9-5
in a fancy gift wrap of “I’m too tired”
as the sun slowly started falling
for someone who didn’t love him back.
Why should he be any different than us?
As the sunset,
everything turned black
and I say black because apparently
orange is the new black.
This black was a mixture of different hues,
of reds that looked like love stories
of yellows that reminded us of summer camp,
and every so often, a dark blue peeked out of the curtains.

Omar stretched his arms,
stepped out of his office,
and texted his best friend Agastya.
“Hey! Meet me in ten minutes
I feel like watching the sky today.
Don’t ask me why.”
Omar never noticed the sun
he was too busy in his corporate world.
Agastya always noticed the colors of the sky,
he loved painting,
and at the very base, feeling alive.
When they were seven-years-old
They saw the sunset together once.
That is how they met.
Omar couldn’t get that day out of his mind today
and so he rushed to the park.

Agastya never made it.
911 did.

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

60 thoughts on “The last sunset.”

      1. Utsav, Don’t be sorry. Truth can be “morbid”. It’s called Life. And poets have always been the best ones to express it. I was rushing up 6th Ave. when I saw a man stop in the street and look up and start yelling.

        I turned and saw the orange flames from the first plane. Then saw the second plane huge in the sky, too close to the buildings where airplanes never go.

        It was almost 9 a.m. and I was late. I saw an also-late-running coworker and we grabbed each other and were crying, but I didn’t know exactly why or what was happening.

        The rest of that day, well, …. I’m grateful to not have lost anyone that day, but I’m sure that anyone who did will appreciate this poem.


  1. Your ending saddened me. But, I’m glad you HAD that relationship and can look back with gratitude for the beauty. Only HAVERS can be LOSERS. So much was lost that day. But the beautiful memories of those beautiful people and magnificent buildings live on. Thank God for beautiful sunsets. And be grateful even more for every sunrise!


  2. This poem is full of colours and tempted me to go outside and search for the sun, even though the sun has set 😂. Its human nature not to see the beauty when it is in front of you but you regret later for not enjoying it later😕.


  3. Good work. I really like the second part, about Agastya. The first line is a great too, about the 9 to 5 being gift wrapped in ‘too tired’. Wonderful. And what an ending. Caught me be suprise. Well done. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for stopping by and liking my post on rghtbetter. 🙂


  4. Yes! I love Sunsets, Blue Skies, The Moon, The Stars, The Mountains, ALL the beauty God created! I live in one of the most beautiful lands around and feel the same as what you posted about those that are too busy in corporate world to truly experience and appreciate the “Real” World—the world outside! The beauty and awe inspiring art that no human hand can copy!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post. Hope you will return and see some of the older posts as I traveled across the US and wrote of my journey!

    Bless you!


  5. Ahh…. Nicely written… and wonderful message. Personally, I have a bad habit of continually “looking up”. I have dedicated blogs and photo albums to my miscellaneous feeble attempts to “catch the sky”. It never works. But, it’s always worth trying. Thanks for reiterating that. 🙂


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