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A tale of the five senses – 2

A tale of the five senses – 2

Humans don’t use one of their senses to feel something. What makes you think stories can? A tale of the five senses started with the story of rape and is now discussing another important topic. Let me know if you eventually want me to cover more serious topics in this format. I hope you like this.

His school hallway was always a slow build-up to that first moment of the day when he would lock eyes with the cutest guy he had ever seen. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is where he lived, why he lived there and what it was like. He often peeped out of the door of his small room. He could see his friends making jokes about this one guy in school who had openly accepted he was gay. His straight friends always flirted with the opposite gender, and he could see they wanted him to, too. He tried to fit in. He saw that in his room, the sky was a dark brown, and so were all the walls of the room. Everything was so dark, quiet and lonely that one could easily confuse it with the inside of a closet.

“Such a waste of a fine man” he could hear his friends say whenever he imagined walking up to the cute guy in the hallway. Which one of the two was the fine man, he could not tell. When he was fourteen, he had overheard a guy talking about him. The words ‘cute’ and ‘approach’ were the ones that stuck with him for a long time. A few weeks after overhearing this conversation, he himself decided to approach another guy he liked. He heard a lot of whispers and gasps whenever he told his friends about this decision. They would laugh it out more often than not and say he had a great sense of humor.

His mouth was dry the day he was going to approach his crush. There was a faint taste of mint that he had chewed on all morning while thinking and overthinking about the things he wanted to say. “I like you” would make his mouth dry and the thought of kissing his crush would do the opposite. He applied a lip balm that morning. The lip balm tasted like summer and a lot of anxiety. His palms were sweaty and so he carried a handkerchief for the first time in his life that day.

His breakfast that day was healthy, very unlike anything he had before that day and anything that he would have after that day. It smelled like avocados, apples and a lot of hope. The buildup to the moment he confessed was long and tiring, but the confession lasted about twenty seconds. When he stood in front of his crush, he could smell the love and fresh cologne. “I like you” took about ten seconds to form into a phrase that made any sense. The next ten seconds changed him for the worse. His crush very kindly told him he was straight, patted him on the right shoulder and left. The summer lip balm smelled purely like fear and disappointment.

That was four years ago. He could still feel the pat on his shoulder. He was definitely living inside of a closet. One day, something weird happened that touched him in both a physical and emotional way. The cute guy in the hallway approached him, said “I like you” and kept his hand on his right shoulder. What can I say? The sky wasn’t brown anymore. It was blue and had a rainbow.

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27 thoughts on “A tale of the five senses – 2”

  1. I am glad that you speak up for topics people shut their lips.
    It’s funny and strange and offending at the same time, children in as high as 12th standard have no idea what the LGBT community is.


  2. This is a risk that both gay and straight adolescents take, when approaching a love interest. I have been both the rejected (straight) and rejector (gay), so I can understand both sides. This inclusion of the five physical senses is quite fascinating.


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