The story of the trees.

The story of the trees.
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The leaves were falling everywhere
the trees were all heartbroken
the wind blew every once in a while
and often gossipped with the sun.
She loved autumn and wore trench coats
and smiled at the beauty of tragedies.

It was a Sunday morning
– a blind date
Her wrists were clenched
around the hem of her top
Her eyes danced frantically
to the thump of her heart
and she bit on her lip
red lipstick and a drop of blood.
‘Fat’ and ‘Single’ usually ran across the streets
fingers were often pointed at her.

He had chosen the park
as the witness to their first date
the heartbroken trees all rustled and whispered
stories of love and war
they said “We knew Romeo
His story wasn’t that of love
Shakespeare romanticized insanity beautifully
you sit beside us and wait for yours to show,
but learn from Romeo’s mistakes.
Juliet died,
our leaves left us
Make sure you don’t abandon yourself.”

Did he show up?
But that day she danced her way to home.

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

49 thoughts on “The story of the trees.”

  1. Nicely done. Any genre eh? Here is a verse I’ve been working on.
    Born into a certain lair, depending on to who from where, was raised into a strict belief, that if well followed would cause relief. A way of life so grand it’s said, to have raised up living from the dead, and if believed with all my heart, life would light the often dark.
    Applied my self into the way, paid my tithes and learned to pray, read the book and proved all things, and stayed high in religions rings, then somehow many years had past, and things weren’t adding up so fast.
    Some doubts were hushed and hard to say, was I the lone who felt this way? When I would list but a concern, read more scripture you will learn, apply your faith and don’t surrender, hope is where the life will render.
    And so It was, I began again.
    Doubling down I did my best, and to the lord I took a test, to verify most carefully, his book of words and then I’d see, but by and by the search from me, had eyes that crossed with dotted tees, and woeful were the histories. I read and pondered every verse, the lord it seemed he was a curse, to opened eyes on every verse, things are not what they seemed.
    And so I prayed
    In earnest gave I the lord my plea, invested years in him you see, certain that a faithful soul, could hear his word if truth be told. Wanting to believe the words, that marked the pages so absurd, to say I needed little reason, but just one would do.
    Retiring to a quiet thicket, the lords voice came by sound of crickets.
    It all unraveled very fast, not a thing or two would come to pass, as soon as opened eyes could see, deceived by friends and trusted creeds, that one who thought as smart as me, could fall into a trap so deep, set by ones who cared for me. If only just one part was right, I could continue in the fight, but no god hears the words you say, but alas your life is trapped by faith


      1. I could do all my blog posts this way, but it tends to get annoying. To quote you “the heartbroken trees all rustled and whispered
stories of love and war”. That. Is. Awesome! Oh what the trees could tell, if we could speak their language.


  2. Can’t decide which one is prettier- the poem or its title, but if something is called ‘the story of the trees’, I just can’t help but reading that! Beautiful read ❤


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