hell and heaven

Two best friends and a strange story.

Two best friends and a strange story.

Hell and Heaven were best friends.
Their favorite thing to do together
was talking about poetry
about how some poets can rhyme and still talk
and how some poets don’t like talking.
Hell would often point out
that poetry is like counting the stars
‘It is beautiful and needs all your attention’
And Heaven would tell her
‘Stop talking about yourself’.

Hell was a 23-year-old woman
who decided when she was sixteen
that her fragrance was Vodka.
Fragrance – the natural smell of the body
1/5 of a beautiful story
that is best written if it involves all the senses.
Vodka – Tastes like fire
the first time Heaven met her
A piece of him caught on fire
was it his loneliness?

Heaven was a 22-year-old man
whose biggest fear was Atelophobia
and whose metaphorical support group
was called Loneliness.
He wanted friends but was best when left alone.
Heaven was paradoxical,
and as Hell would often say
‘very cute’.

How did these opposites become best friends?
I’d suggest you ask the third wheel,
a writer named Science
nicknamed Fate
pen-named Life.

Heaven was in love with Hell
Hell had a crush on someone else
and so they just spent their time
talking about poetry, hope and
a few other opposites.

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

49 thoughts on “Two best friends and a strange story.”

  1. Your articles are so amazing… I really get engrossed reading them, they have catchy content because of which they are very interesting.
    Some are so relatable! (& That’s the best part)
    Please continue this work of yours. And do not stop at any cost. Best wishes!


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