Insanity and heaven.

Insanity and heaven.

If I had to describe love in one word
that didn’t mean insanity
and didn’t rhyme with heaven
My go-to word would be your name.
Not only because your name was Autumn,
my favorite season
But also because I died a little like autumn leaves
in our story.
Love for me was your gold sunkissed skin,
and a thousand falls.

There are so many metaphors out there
each describing parts of our story;
and if I had to choose one
It would probably be the glass half-full.
You filled me with love;
but kept me thirsty
and made me question my approach to madness.
Was I too empty and needed more
or was I doubtful and wanted too much?
You tell me.

Our first date ice-cream flavors were
Butterflies, clichés and shooting stars.
The first time our lips played thumb-a-war
You tasted strangely of my childhood and yesterdays.
I say strangely because I remember holding you
like you were a tomorrow.
Netflix and chill with you reminded me
of my favorite book.
Whenever I got a new copy of my favorite book
I’d hold it close and sleep.

I’d hold you close and sleep.

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

71 thoughts on “Insanity and heaven.”

  1. Every once in a while I would get frustrated on WordPress because I can’t seem to find poems that I think are really well written and substantial. Lots of them are just simple thoughts with no depth or a punchline chopped into an 8 lines poem.
    But this poem right here is gold. Almost every line is filled with emotions or twists. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you!


  2. I become immersed in your writing…as if it were a long-lost fable I’ve only just discovered. Beautiful. Bittersweet. Thank you. Would you consider writing something about “dreams”?


  3. I have been reading your works a lot recently. You are a very emotional writer, and a very good one indeed if I may say so. Its like your life trickles to your writing.
    Love is not just love, not always atleast. Ungraspable and maddening. Its often too good to be true.
    Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Fresh and startling. An unsual twist in the imagery, an ease with which you do it. How very difficult it is to write love poetry that doesn’t come from well-trodden paths. I hope your partner apreciates this. Well done. A spectacular leader image … Is this your art? – will


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