A new haircut.

A new haircut.

Agastya was a very paradoxical writer – although not hypocritical. The first thing that you would notice about him was how empty his eyes were but how full of life his smile was. He was a big believer in love but had never really been in love himself. There was the one time, of course, when a girl swept him off his feet but that never played out well. In ‘500 Days of Summer’, Summer tells Tom he was right about true love existing; he was just wrong about it being with her. That line pretty much summed up his half-love story. The broken heart made him empty but the belief made him smile. He never went out looking for love but always had eyes open for love stories.

He was fourteen when he broke a heart for the first time. As a writer, you’d expect him to be able to read the ‘handle with care’ labeled on the heart but he wasn’t very good at foreign languages. He wrote rhyming poems for the girl he loved and changed it to free-verse when they broke up, similar to when a girl would get a fancy haircut as a sign of a new beginning.

Agastya couldn’t care less about being judged but constantly sought validation. He wrote fiction about being happy and in love when he barely knew what either tasted like. He always assumed happiness tasted exactly the same as the hot chocolate he’d had on a long drive with his family when he was ten and love would taste like the cookies the girl he loved had promised to make but never did. He wasn’t sure about either, though.

He had lived in many cities and was constantly missing home – with no idea what home was – till the age of seventeen. When he turned seventeen, he believed he had found a home in blurry memories and flashbacks. He was all set for becoming a nomad in a world filled with people who wanted to settle but his paradoxical-self made things a little complicated. At eighteen, he changed houses again and spent a long time wondering if it was the right thing to do. He missed his people and the way they smelled like different kinds of trees. It was happening all over again. He changed his favorite writing style to short stories as a sign of a new beginning.

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Utsav Raj

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52 thoughts on “A new haircut.”

  1. Wow…. Just…. I’m rendered speechless…. This is amazing work, Utsav…. I don’t know if you consider yourself a good writer but I’m telling you … You’re an marvelous storyteller… Seems I made a good call becoming a blogger on wordpress… I get to read the work of such great writers…
    For person who’s rendered speechless I do talk a lot, I’d say I’m pretty paradoxical myself 😂😂 … Anyways, awesome writeup


  2. If you could fill this out with some atmospheric detail, I’d be gripped. This is a skeleton, it cries out to be clothed in flesh.

    He missed his people and the way they smelled like different kinds of trees.

    Sketch out one or two of those people, help me imagine them. Not all trees smell the same. give a name to them.

    It’s a matter of pouring more intimate details of your own experience into your fiction


    1. Hey! This post was meant to be short and under a certain character limit, but I do understand your point. I’ll definitely keep it in mind next time. Thank you so much for this! ❤


      1. Yes, I saved them for later cuz I gotta attend my extra classes in an hour. I’ll surely read them once I come back XD


  3. Amazing…
    If I were to meet
    Agastya, my love
    life has just begun~
    Savor the flavor of
    Each and every style
    Only then
    Will you
    Make it yours~
    Such potential you have
    Fear not
    Life tastes exactly how
    You want it to
    Spit the shit out
    Savor the beauty
    Sample but
    Don’t destroy…
    Each broken heart
    You leave behind
    Is a reflection of
    What could have been ~
    Was it lovely?
    Then you can


  4. He was a big believer in love but had never really been in love himself.
    He never went out looking for love but always had eyes open for love stories.

    These lines are quite interesting and totally relatable…
    Awesome work…


  5. Very nice piece of work. Specifically, the broken heart made him empty and the belief made him smile is what I like the most. Giving a positive end writer with new style is appreciable


  6. but he’s only 18. only the most fortunate of all stumble upon love at such young an age. the rest of us have only the journey to look forward to, until years later when we realise that love was really something we’d left behind

    what is the relevance of the picture anyway? and what gives you the idea that ‘a girl would get a fancy haircut as a sign of a new beginning’? that’s downright offensive


    1. Yeah. Guess he was fortunate.
      The picture is relevant because it potrays story-telling. That is what Agastya was. A story-teller and a writer.
      Here’s what gives me the idea: people do it. Men end up doing something else, women get a haircut. It signifies change.


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