Happy poems.

Happy poems.

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Poets have been blamed so often,
put on trial for
not writing happy poems
because we try so hard to find
the beauty in the pain
the romance in the insane
that we forget to talk about things
that heal.
Fair enough.
Did you know I was eight
when I saw a movie for the first time?
The smell of the popcorn
buttery and childhood-like
is still fresh
in my memories.
In fact, I remember the name of the movie
And the tune to its theme song
that I danced to, for weeks.
Swimming makes me happy.
To me, oceans feel like home
and mountains like a much-wanted vacation
and as a kid, I lived in a country that had both.
The first time I had a crush
As a thirteen-year-old,
it was magical.
The girl looked like a princess
right out of my favorite Disney movie.
I loved Disney movies.
I have a bucket list of things to do,
and a bigger list of things that make me smile.
Happy enough?

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

76 thoughts on “Happy poems.”

  1. Yesss slay dude!
    This could be a diss track to everyone who labels poets as ‘unhappy’ or ‘dark’. I get this comment a lot through my own poetry as well. I’m a high school student and I write a ton of quote unquote dark poetry, and whenever I do, my mom becomes concerned that I’m spending too much time thinking about things that I shouldn’t concern myself with.
    As a fellow writer, what has been the toughest situation that you’ve been in because of this supposedly inherent nature of poets? I’m really curious to know.
    Keep up the great writing, as always:)


  2. Nicely penned… I guess poets just penned down the emotions and situations they been through very well, and sometimes it’s just depends upon reader’s Outlook..


  3. Honestly right now I’m being accused of the same crime, writing darkness, beautifying my darkness into words. It doesn’t mean i am such when I can write happiness as well..which, to my mirth, I found in your poem. I stand by you. I loved it.


  4. What an interesting problem for a poet to tackle, and perhaps, ironically, one of the most difficult. The urge to write poetry, it seems, comes more easily from being down … What about joy? You approach it. Well done! Lovely leader image – will


  5. Happy poems are often the hardest to write without sounding corny. I’ve managed a few now and again, but I have to admit my poems lean towards darker themes most of the while but that has more to do with using poetry as a way of working through complicated feelings.
    This piece you wrote is beautiful. I love the childlike innocence that runs throughout it and how you bounce from scene to scene without rushing the reader. Wonderfully worked.


        1. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to add a link on your post. But if not, no worries. Just mention my site address as the last line, no need to link it.


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