29 thoughts on “365.”

  1. Awesome post and update. I am curious why you have decided to remove the ‘like’ feature? Mostly because the other platforms people are used to use it (like Facebook and Instagram) so I think people are just used to using that as a means for communication. I’m not judging… just merely curious. Looking forward to another year following you.


    1. One of the major reasons is that because the feature slows down WordPress sites by a bit. Maybe it’ll be back in the future, but I’m choosing to get rid of it for now. Thanks and keep reading!


  2. Whoa. 5000 followers in one year is massively impressive, but then after following you for a while, I’ve gotta say I’m not really surprised. Removing the like feature.. brave move, I’d say. I get why you’re doing it, and it’s quite appreciable. Not a lot of people can do that. And the logo, pretty awesome!
    Hope the next year turns out even better for you, writing wise!


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