Maybe – A shadow dance.

Maybe – A shadow dance.

If this piece leaves you a tad bit confused, I want you to know it was intentional. Enjoy!

Twelve nights ago, I was sitting by the window with my head pressed against the pane. The moon and I were in an intense staring contest when something caught my attention. My house sat idly two kilometers away from the sea but there was only one window that faced the sea in my entire two-storied house. All the others faced different alleys and ugly crowded streets that acted as a reality check for anyone who stayed beside the sea-facing window too long. I had this strange habit of naming all my windows and I’d named the sea-facing window ‘Fantasy’. Appropriate? The view from Fantasy was something like this – the waves of the sea seemed like happy kids waving to strangers in the day and story-telling shadows when it got dark.

What caught my eye that night left me perplexed. Everything that I saw looked like shadows and so I’m not sure what the story really was. I need you to help me.

A man was walking by the sea with (possibly) his friend and his dog that night. The friend was running, ankle deep in the water, away from the first man – either delightfully enjoying the wet sand or trying to escape. The dog was sitting idly on the wet sand – almost wisely watching the story play out. The men ran for a long time, arms flailing in the air, running in crazy circles that imitated infinities and zigzags that whispered Harry Potter before eventually disappearing from the frame. The dog, all alone now, got up and started running around – because either the happiness of the wet sand had finally gotten him excited or he was tired of waiting for his owners to come back and wanted to look for them. That’s where I left it.

The dog – a black Husky who I’ve named Shadow – sits with me besides Fantasy every night since then as we hope to watch the men come back and tell us the real story.

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Utsav Raj

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29 thoughts on “Maybe – A shadow dance.”

      1. Indeed it is. I love the ‘romantic’ period of history. I’m sure the artist is available to you anytime in that magical creative place of wonder inhabited by poets and artists 🙂


  1. Hahha! The staring contest got me! Window names are fantastic! I love windows myself! Such mindfulness u have! How do u do that? Wish all these were in book form!Reading this is in itself, (as the others), an experience! Bravo!🌸🌸🌸🌸

    But what could the story be, i’m curious!


      1. Well, it would encourage it! Great as text for as young as graders! Short but robust! I see my students would be dumfoumded but inspired after! Can i borrow? With proper credits, of course! 🌸🍃🌸🍃


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