A letter to you for a word/sentence.

A letter to you for a word/sentence.

Comment down below and let me know what you think. It’ll mean a lot.

To you,
For every time a woman said no.

I need you to listen.

When I was ten, my mom thought it was important for me to learn two things – one, that tomatoes weren’t vegetables and two, that ‘no’ is a sentence. The former because it was the only mistake I had made in my science exam sheet. The latter because every child should know the chaos not knowing what ‘no’ means has caused. My mother spoke to me about her experiences and told me about things that would make me human, or in her words – ‘ would make me happy’. This conversation became my bed-time story that night and I am really glad it did.

Last night, I read about what you, a thirty-year-old, had done to that eight-year-old girl. You will be punished for that and so, this letter is for you to read in one of these two situations – one, if you ever get a second chance to be better in this lifetime (which I know is unlikely) or two, if this letter finds its way to you in your next life when you’re ten. I really want you to become better – so much so, that I am willing to believe in re-births.

When you heard the word ‘no’ for the first time, what did it mean to you? For me, it was when I asked Baba if I could have two ice creams back to back. I was three. When he said no, I didn’t even think about questioning it. I just bought a chocolate instead. I like to think of myself as a writer when I am alone and so, I am going to give my memory a metaphorical reference for you to become a better human. When a woman says no, do not question it or try to persuade her. If that doesn’t make you happy, then get the chocolate – be genuine, ask her out on a date and see if you connect. If that doesn’t work out either, then just read a good book and fall asleep. This isn’t a metaphor.

Being human is really easy. Trust me.

With hope,
The man assigned to hang you to death.

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37 thoughts on “A letter to you for a word/sentence.”

  1. Hi just a quick comment about tomatoes…they also have more genes in their DNA then humans…Wheat also is ahead of us… The word ,” No” somehow has lost all it’s strength. I don’t understand why it’s not taken seriously.


      1. It’s affecting our culture…I’m sure my president isn’t helping the situation. There have been a few cases where when caught harassing women ..the men said well Mr. Trump said it was OK. Not good for anyone.


        1. What makes me nervous is the men underneath him waiting for him to be removed from the president’s suite could be ranked equal to him in their beliefs and decisions.So in the end will there be any positive changes? If you cheat the system and try to get away with it.. you shouldn’t be our elected president- Its not good for people to see or believe in.


  2. Every 10 year old should be taught this. One proper way to save the dying humanity.

    I’ve been following your posts. Love your writing. Keep doing more great work! 😊


  3. WoW you just don’t repeat yourself! ideas are always fresh and unexpected! crisp! how do you do that? always a pleasurable read!

    by the way, i probably won’t buy a chocolate, maybe, a lollipop? haha. but i’ll ask why, however I can. take the punishment (hope not a belt!)

    By the way, batt and storage problems still. ugh!


      1. well, you said, you’d buy a choc. I’m saying I’ll buy a lolli, not a choc. hihi. and the punishment, huh, too much to discuss. abort. but the gist is that, it is innovative! thanks for sharing! it’s like choc mint lolli! 🙂


  4. This is so powerful!! Sexual assault/harassment is not a female problem – it’s a male problem – it’s an ALL of us problem. But if the aggressors (usually men) can be taught that NO means stop, that a woman saying nothing means NO means Stop then their might be less hangings. This piece of yours needs to be heard loud and clear in today’s world!!


  5. This is powerful. Many men abuse young girls, not even teenagers. Those young girls don’t even know how to protest. It’s a painful experience and tough to live with it for life.


  6. If a ‘no’ will be heard as a ‘no’ then I can see many problems getting untangled. But yet, it sounds more of a yes in many ears.
    I makes me glad that you are taking a stand here.


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