Life update: one


In the post – 365 – I announced that I’m going to post a life update on the 16th of every month. You can skip it altogether if you’re not interested in anything but poetry. Here’s my very first one. 

Well, I’m a dropout. I did start college back in July but barely went for my classes, because of which I was asked to opt for externals instead. I thought about it and discussed it with my family but we came to the conclusion that it’s best to drop a year and start again from July 2019. Why? Because I hope to have written my complete manuscript of the book I’m working on by then. Besides my book, I’m also working for Terribly Tiny Tales and Humans of Bombay as a writer. But that barely takes any time. I use the same posts I write for this blog for TTT and I go for taking stories for HoB every weekend.

I also hope to get much more work. If you’d like me to do a guest blog-post for you (paid) or collaborate, feel free to hit me up using the Contact page.

I haven’t exactly started my book yet because I’m waiting for the day I feel like starting it. I’m planning a trip to someplace in India to simulate a push towards that feeling. However, I have worked on the character sketches, outlines and a few other aspects of the book. 

There’s really not much to say here. This is pretty much my day. Writing, reading and using my phone. I live in Ahmedabad, a place that I’m not a big fan of, which basically means there’s nowhere I like to go in this city. Hopefully, that’ll change soon. Also, Christmas is coming soon and it happens to be my favorite season. We’re considering getting a tree this year, something we’ve never done before. Yay!

I’ll just spend it with my family because no friends (because Ahmedabad), so barely any gifts. But I guess it’ll be fun anyway.

So yeah, that is it so far. See you next month!


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33 thoughts on “Life update: one”

  1. I’m sorry you’re dissapointed about no gifts this year, but thank you for the ones that you send us. You convey such complex emotion with such craft how do you do this and what is your inspiration? Anyways Merry Christmas and I hope you find a place that inspires you soon..


    1. Thank you for saying that! Honestly, I don’t have a particular way to do things. I just try to incorporate things that would make sense to everybody. No inspiration, as of now. Just some prompts that pop up in my head. Merry Christmas ❤


  2. It’s 2am here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I realize the birds are sleeping because there is no light. Makes perfect sense now … I saw your post as my eyes focused through the darkness onto my iPhone screen…. but that’s enough about my situation ❤

    First of all … you made the best decision of your life, to pause your schooling. There will be time if you choose to go back. You appear to have writing all around you and in you, so just be the writer that you are 🙂

    I had always wanted to write books since I was a child … I finally wrote a few and looking forward to my next … and I can tell you, the only way to get that feeling is to live it! Carve out time for writing your book. You wake up right, have breakfast right? Set aside an hour for the book. The feeling will come and you will be flowing as you do here on your blog. You have the voice now and it is a very, very good one.

    As Ernest Hemingway would say .. just bleed out that story of yours and don't hold back or wait for the right time. Look at the clock. It's always the right time to write 🙂

    And don't just hope to finish your manuscript … make it a date! My first book took 16 months while I was working another full time job. I kept track of the hours even thou it was a fixed price ghostwriting project, to see how long it was going to really take. It only took me three months to write the 75,000 word memoir, so that was my gauge. Three months to write a book full time. So I think you have an opportunity here to finish yours before Spring 🙂

    As for Christmas … give yourself the feeling to write the book. I can't wait to read your story. I'd be glad to be a beta reader for you when you are ready.

    I am honored to have been included in your circle of life here and look forward to many more years of you finding your path and sharing your stories with us.

    And … I would be grateful to be considered one of your friends and you mine ❤

    Now let's see that opening sentence or paragraph …

    You ROCK kid!

    p.s. message me or email anytime if you need encouragement and I'd be interested in being a guest on your blog too. I'll message you.


    1. Hey, it means a lot to me that you took time to write such a beautiful comment for me.
      I think you’re right. Maybe I’ll just start writing. Sounds like a great gift. Thanks for that ❤
      Also, of course you’re my friend.


  3. Merry Christmas! Enjoyed the update; I envy your positivity! Best of luck with your work and your book! I’ve started on my own, but I don’t work much on it at all (though sometimes I’ll post little blurbs of story on my blog). Hope you have a great holiday, and an amazing New Year 💗💗 Lots of love!


  4. Wish you all the best bro in you work. Art is life and life is art. Enjoy yourself this season and thank you for the update!


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