trees and home.

The smell of trees.

The smell of trees.

We’ve spoken about Agastya before, in this post – A new haircut. This poem is based on a very particular line that I wrote for him in that post. I hope you enjoy this! Do comment, a lot. Literally.

“He missed his people and the way they smelled like different kinds of trees.”

– Utsav Raj

Home is a tricky concept.
I think of it as a wall,
with cracks running down its spine,
picture frames of memories
hanging on fragile nails,
and a very nostalgic touch to it.
You decide what the wallpaper is,
what it looks like
and what it smells like.

For me,
it looked like people
and smelled like trees.
My best friend
who I barely spoke to anymore,
stood on the far left.
If I ruffled his hair
I’d feel a breeze on my face
rushing away to hide
its European Larch scent,
fresh and distant.
A kid I used to teach
stood on the far right
and when I tickled him,
he would giggle endlessly.
He was sweet and smelled of honey
like Sassafras trees.
Dead center
was the girl I loved.
When I kissed her forehead,
and my nose played hide and seek
with her hair,
I caught a fragrance
and it reminded me strongly 
of cherry blossoms.

Home is a tricky concept,
and unless you leave,
you’ll never know what you’ll miss.

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38 thoughts on “The smell of trees.”

  1. I agree, I am away from home for many years and looking back I am more aware of certain things that I grew up with at home. You tend to appreciate things when you are allowed to miss them.


  2. Love this poem! Indeed! Home is a tricky concept. With two of my three sons home for the Holidays (all three are present but my youngest is still in high school), home is very much a tricky concept. It plays in your mind how you want it to be versus how it really is. Sometimes, it is actually perfect, other times, it is very real and not so perfect but both versions are loved all the same. Thank you for your poem and insight.


  3. This is lovely. I’ve left, so I have an idea what you mean. The first stanza reminded me of blogging. We decide on the wallpaper over here too. πŸ™‚ And the blog vertical, pictures hanging… just like a wall.


    1. Hey! That means a lot to me! However I do not do award posts on my blog anymore. But I do give shoutouts to the people who have nominated me. I do a life update post every 16th, so maybe then? I have one more to give that day.


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