Travel bird.

Travel bird.

This one is a throwback post. More than a throwback to a post I’d written once, this is a throwback to how to live life. It’s short but I hope you like this, and if you do, maybe comment a lot?

Go to places,
Find mountains that remind you of people,
And seas that make you forget everything.
Discover old streets that whisper stories,
and broken buildings that look like broken bones.
Sleep out the day, learn to love the dark.
Sleep out the night, learn to love the light.
Close your eyes and feel the wind,
and rustle like a tree under the burning sun.
Giggle under the stars,
and among the ruins,
Just like the people who lived there
A long time ago,
probably did.
Paint your passports,
and cut in your bucket list,
instead of your wrists.

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106 thoughts on “Travel bird.”

  1. I like this. Makes me think of my younger life when I traveled. “Wanderlust” could be an alternate title. Not sure about the last line though. There is nowhere else in the poem that echoes that melancholy. Doesn’t feel like it belongs. But I really enjoy your poetry!


  2. I always love reading your posts. This time “rustle like a tree under the burning sun” did it again.
    Truly this is how we should live our lives. To the fullest, with all our hearts.


        1. I did take a picture of it. It occurred to me that I could write about that, and put the picture with it on my blog. Is that okay? The picture shows your poem in its entirety. If not, that’s okay, too, I will send it to you. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Beautifully penned..I’m a travel lover. loved it..Keep Writing..
    I have also written a poem about travel: A wish to travel..Well, Amazing post!! Great Job..


  4. I like this very much. Just one suggestion. Every line in a poem must have strength and force. Write a series of powerful, deep lines and mix in a weak one and it seems wrong. The idea of giggling in ruins as the people who built them probably did is brilliant, but “Proabably did” as a whole line is weak.


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