60 and in love.

60 and in love.

A dialogue/story-telling piece. I hope you like it! Give me prompts or tell me if you liked this or share your love story in the comments section! I’m looking forward to it. I hope you enjoy reading this! 🙂

“What does it feel like to be 60 and in love?”

“Routine and magical. We’ve only been together since I turned twenty-eight but I could swear even a day with him feels like a forever. You know how everyone wants a forever? He gave me forevers. Plural. I don’t know why I’m an English professor :P. When we went on our first date, he told me he was obsessed with Christmas, hot chocolate and love. On our fifth date, I found out why. Three more dates later, we had hot chocolate from the same cup. Thirty-two years later, we are madly in love. It’s very similar to what reading your favorite book for the fifth time feels like: you know all of the story and you know almost every word, but the ‘almost’ always means there are surprises.

Once, he wrote me a letter while we lived in the same house. It was addressed “to my nutty Belgian dark chocolate ice cream”. He posted it, and waited for it to come back. Throughout the letter, he spoke about me as if I was his favorite ice cream, his knight in shining armor, and his favorite season.

I try to think of a time when we weren’t together but I never can. That makes me very glad. I know I lived twenty-eight years without him but every time I think of some childhood memory, he’s always there in the frame. Hiding behind curtains for every time I think of home and sitting in cup holders for my family long drives. I think it’s because I’ve told him the story so many times that it no longer is only mine. Together, we’ve lived 120 years worth of memories and we know what every one of those felt like: like nutty Belgian dark chocolate ice cream. In other words, every memory, together or not, was yum. I should not be an English professor.”

“That sounds amazing. What do you need me for, then?”

“I’m 60. My forever can end any day. Who do you go to when you’re scared if not to a therapist?”

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108 thoughts on “60 and in love.”

  1. Beautiful story.. Living in memories is a wonderful thing, a bit painful too when our loved one is not near.. Am going through this happy pain for few years hoping this new year brings us together.. Wish me good luck…..


  2. Aww…forevers are hard to find nowadays… I have mine! I meet my husband when I was 16…I’ll be turning 50 in February.
    Thank you for sharing your story…I love it.


  3. Some people promise forevers (plural) and then disappear. Then they say it was never love at the first place, only infatuation and naturally that doesn’t last long.
    The people who can give you this forever (love forever after), well one has to be lucky to find one these days.


  4. I’m so sorry for acting like such a stalker and commenting on your every post but gosh I haven’t been keeping up yaar and it’s fun to read your stuff. Pls don’t be annoyed by me. Kthnxbye.
    Oh and I love this one tho. Hehe


  5. Wonderful. Wonderful. This is what I want for myself. Even more… #Don’t be jealous…lol…

    Thanks for this post.

    But what was the secret, did you guys never had any differences?


  6. its magical ! stories like these always tell u true love is all bout the memories n moments spent with ur special one ! loved it !


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