man up

Why should I man up?

Why should I man up?

I guess this needed to be addressed, too. It’s super important to realize that men can be men and still do anything human. Women can be women and still be human. Here’s what I want from you today. Smile and love yourself and others a little. Okay? I hope you like this poem. Do comment.

“Man up”
She said.
And so I put down the picture of my dead mother,
stopped crying, trembling, shaking
and smiled.
My eyes were still wet,
And all I could think about was if she had really just asked me,
to man up?
“Boys don’t cry.”
Of course, we do.
We have our heart broken,
We have our trust burnt in flames,
And we live every day just like you do.
We cry.
“Don’t be such a pussy”
If protecting innocent kids from being bullied,
having phobias and doubts,
Talking to a girl when she feels low,
Not passing mean comments with my friends,
And actually liking a girl
Is being a pussy,
Then I will be one.
“Boys will be boys”
Not all of us will break your hearts,
Haven’t you ever spoken to the shy one?
We respect you,
I respect you.
Not all of us will break your trust,
or text you just to flirt.
We need friends too.

These things
make us human.

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79 thoughts on “Why should I man up?”

  1. Absolutely Agree with you , a good topic ,liked your thoughts our society really need to get this boy’s can cry too everyone have rights to express their emotions sometimes they too need pampering they too have mood swings they also deserves to be treated well what we need to understand is that crying is not a sign of weakness it is a way to express oneself .


  2. Being human in a uniquely YOU kind of way is the goal. Be who only you were made to be … and do it with love and grace, forgiveness and humility. Ain’t easy!


  3. Thank you for sharing this. Equality works both ways, as does bullying. Denying an individual the right to be their true selves is cruel. Kindness and respect must be reciprocal. We NEED more kindness in the world, more compassion, more empathy. ❤


  4. Focus on differences overlooks so many common points that men and women share (or any human being, really) that it is almost frightening. Humans do, feel and think human stuff.


  5. True, I have met wonderful men in my life, had found trustworthy friends in many guys.
    On the funny side, I did once speak to the shy one and we talked( mostly me😂) for one hour and he wasn’t shy no more!


  6. My prayer is that the kind of toxic masculinity your friend is advocating is well on its way to extinction today. However at this moment I’m afraid that is not the case.
    Proudly own your tears. They come from a deep, important place.


    1. I’m lucky enough to not have any such friends. The post is fictitious. But there are people out there with this mentality. You and I can fit it, though. Keep smiling 🙂


  7. I never understood that phrase “Man up!”. What exactly does that mean? I don’t get it and I think it should be erased from our vocabulary. Let people be. I always liked the shy ones! xo


  8. man or women we are human AGREE HERE, well done for addressing this point. Hopefully more men and women can learn form this and be true to their feelings its not a sign of weakness but one of true self understanding.


  9. Interesting. Sounds like something an under 30 woman would say. I’m 30 now, so I get it. Actually, men under 30 aren’t real people. They’re basically hormones with one feeling. Women under 30 are either highly emotional, angry or drunks. It the post pubescent stage that’s over at 30. If your poem’s characters are 30 or over however, they should part ways in order to grow up.


  10. Words are so powerful, I just realized. After meeting a bunch of boys who were mean and treated girls like a rag doll, your words alone gave me a new hope. Their dark deeds have no effect now, just coz I’ve read your good words. Thank you…


  11. Couldn’t agree more, and nice to know you fall in a different category, not with the other boys who cheat and play around. Wish you to have a major influence on the majority out there


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