Strangers with Pizza boxes.

Strangers with Pizza boxes.

I hope you like this. Read, comment, enjoy, and smile! 🙂

If you look carefully
when walking on a busy street,
you’ll see rainbow kite strings around the neck
of every stranger.
Tales of broken reds,
ribbons of blue,
poems of brown eyes,
micro-tales of turquoise skies
and a thousand more colorful stories.
But only if you look carefully.
If you do not,
they’ll just be flesh and blood
and you’ll remain flesh and blood too.
Of course, eyes won’t do all the talking,
but do let them start
and then your lips can bring the stories to life.

I’ve tried.
That’s how the Pizza boy became my best-friend.
Pizza one,
he was just a man in red
with a beautiful smile.
Pizza two,
I saw his eyes
and the wrinkled galaxies his smile caused.
I saw how his shirt was half-tucked in,
very similar to mine
and he had sports shoes on.
Pizza three,
He told me his favorite sport
and I told him I wrote poetry.
Together, we gave football a human story.
The ball that was of no man
and no fields.
The ball that fell in love with the net.
Together, we laughed at the horrible story.

I guess you get the idea.
See, look, converse, connect.

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

55 thoughts on “Strangers with Pizza boxes.”

  1. ah “poems of brown eyes” is such a beautiful line. I might just look stalkerish while trying to figure out what someone’s eyes are trying to communicate 😛


  2. Excellent poem, and so well done. Reminded me of the cute and chubby (like me) pizza boy i had for several years before the California fires hit and burnt down his place of business. Haven’t seen him since. I pray he’s okay and has a job elsewhere. Thank you.


  3. Ah, wonderful! I worked at a lab at NIH, and we nicknamed the courier, not very nicely, because he’d stand silent. But then our dry erase calendar showed a birthday, not ours.We figured out it was his, gave him a cake, and then he wasn’t silent any more. Turned out he was a history buff and would tell us fascinating history stories…. later he showed up at my door in his Civil War reenactment untiform,,, it took me a little while to place him, in costume out of context!


  4. Delightful food for a poet’s tongue! I loved the pizza one, pizza two, pizza three sequence. Needless to say, your descriptions are again a homeless masterpiece.


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