Siblings, games and poetry.

Siblings, games and poetry.

This poem came out of bits and scraps that lay in my head. I cannot tell if it makes sense but maybe you can. Either way, I believe in every word I’ve written in this poem. They’re pieces of me, after all. I hope you like the poem! Do tell me in the comments section below. Enjoy and keep smiling πŸ™‚

My sister believed that life is
like a buzz wire game.

You remember that game where you
guided one wire looped around another
from (a) to (b)
and would get zapped every time they touched?
She thought that was life.
She was the first wire,
an infinity looped around the length of this world
and every mistake was a zap.
When a boy broke her heart,
she cut her skin (zap).
When she had an amazing meal,
her wide smile mirrored the serving plate.
An unwanted job and weird boss
at 30,
her eyes wrinkled (zap).
She had beautiful analogies.

I believe that life is
like a poem with odd rhyme schemes.

Our childhood rhymed perfectly,
that weird (ab)(ab) perfect,
teenage years looked like limericks
and it got crazier with time.
Humans do things that only half make sense.
We hide shattered mirrors in our chest
and lost pathways in our head
We come up with choices
like sleep or the 4 a.m. dawn
and we have weird things
like coffee cups that taste like heartbreaks
and pens that resemble swords.
I have a few concepts myself.

She always said:
we’re all broken
more than ever before.
But someday we’ll make it to the end of the wire.
And I believe our poems will end too.

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

59 thoughts on “Siblings, games and poetry.”

  1. This poem is very raw, I think we all have been through those stages where we once sharing everything with our siblings to going back to our cocoon stage, where we only show the best pieces and hide the broken ones from the world. I think we all hope to reach from a to b in the end😊 I wish it was bit longer 😊 Beautiful πŸ‘Œ


  2. Isn’t as impressive as your other works. And considering I am in awe of your works, I think you could do better. Yes, there was a concept you were trying to put forth, but I felt it lacked your style, some essential essence was missing 😦 waiting for you to deliver better like you usually deliver yourself


      1. I like that you take in feedback πŸ™‚ by style I meant your originaltiy, please give us more of that, for I’m sure every follower and reader loves your works.


        1. Of course I take in feedback. The reader is the most important part of the writing.
          I do know you meant my originality. I keep trying to shake things up. That’s my attempt as an artist πŸ™‚


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