A different time.

A different time.

A few things before you start reading. a) This is not like most of my other posts but I’m hoping you still like it just as much, b) the story is based in a different world (which you can figure out yourself but just in case), c) comment and tell me about your happy times. Enjoy!

Hora was a different twenty-year-old. Of course, she was exactly what no one wanted her to be – the creative kid. She lived in a weird city where everyone had latin names and strict destinies. It was believed that it was important to only do what was expected of you to set examples for other worlds, if there were any. Her name was latin for Time and she was a writer.

Her parents expected a lot from her and on most days, she delivered. She would wake up at the break of dawn and start her day by making a to-do list. Then, she would spend the rest of the day ticking things of her list. This list was filled with things she had no interest in doing. She dreamed of writing a bucket list some day. Her parent’s biggest expectation from her was speed. She had to do any work she was given as quickly as possible or else she was punished. Sometimes she would not be allowed to leave the house, other times they’d tear her diaries. Hora’s parents hated it when she was late. 

She barely slept, though. She would stay up late every night and write pages after pages of her book, titled Earth. The story was about a world – strikingly similar to hers- with days that moved in circle and she, Time, was at the centre of it. Of course, her Earth had a Hora too but this one was just an ordinary writer who had happy things to write about like the time she went swimming past curfew for the first time. In this book, Hora made time the borders of everything that should be and then she enjoyed writing about characters that looked beyond the borders – people who dared to cross and break the borders.

Every night, she would write a few pages in this book of hers and then sleep for an hour because in the real world, she had no time to lose. She could not afford to lose pages of her book again. The last time she slept for way too long, her parents tore half of her book and burned those pages. Stories of wild beasts like Dinosaurs were written in the pages that burned away and when she started writing again, she titled the burned pages ‘extinct’. She kept writing, though. She wrote about cavemen and animals and everything she had heard about from her grandmother but she added a very soft twist to the story. In her book’s world, people weren’t bound by latin names and strict destinies.

Hora or you could say Time, kept writing pages after pages of her book and she lived through all of it as the centre of this universe. That’s how she survived her own, very real life.

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39 thoughts on “A different time.”

  1. Great story, Utsav! How mean of her parents to burn her diaries. That has to be the most horrific thing to do to a writer. Although, it is like that sometimes. I also like your theme on time. Interesting that humans came up with the concept of time. Would be fun but if we could play all day. No more chores.😊


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