Because I’m a magician.

Because I’m a magician.

I’ve been thinking about magic tricks for a while and this was one of the two parts I came up with. Sometime in the future, I will definitely write the other story if you want me to, but till then, I do hope you enjoy this!

Jaadugar – a magician”.

In 1999, when I was ten, my dad took me to a magic show. The show was at four in the morning and I tried convincing him to let me sleep but nothing worked that day. “Rahim, this jaadugar will change your life!” he said and we went for the show. Turns out, he was right. Twenty years later – today – I’m the magician.

What people forget about magicians is that our most prominent trick is one that almost everyone has mastered. It’s sawing love stories in half for some and healing hearts for others. We break hearts and we have broken hearts too. So yes, this is my love story.

A week after my father’s funeral (2013, I think?), I was in Istanbul doing my first magic show. I figured that my dad’s hometown would be the best place for my first magic show. The show was meant to be a metaphor for my gratefulness to have a father like him. He was the jaadugar that changed my life, after all. After the show, a beautiful woman came up to me and we spoke for hours. We spoke about the tricks, the pink sky, the uneven roads, and weird political leaders. We had our first date backstage.

We met day after day and spoke about all kinds of things. I came up with magic tricks just for her and she wrote poetry for me. I would give her rainbow roses that I’d spent all night coloring, and she’d recite Shakespeare or Frost with lines that she’d added for me. Would it be too much to say it was magical?

On our fiftieth date, we had our first fight. It was twenty days before our marriage and I think I got cold feet. I couldn’t remember anything that had happened in the last forty nine dates and I could not think of any reason why this beautiful woman named Leila would be in love with me. Even as we fought, we did what we knew best. She would weave the most beautiful sentences and call them reasons why she loved me. I would wear a metaphorical blindfold and manage to walk on the wrong piece of rope. But at the end of that fight, the poet said something to the magician and the fight got resolved. We got married and had twenty children. No, I’m just kidding. We have two.

You want to know what she said? She said, “Rahim, you’re the jaadugar that changed my life.”

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Utsav Raj

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31 thoughts on “Because I’m a magician.”

  1. How? Everytime i read your writing it gets better and makes me wanna learn from you. What is it, that transports you to such worlds ? Do tell me .


    1. That’s means a lot to me! Thank you!
      I’m not sure. I just look at things or think of things and then start writing about them. For example, for this post, I knew I wanted it to be about magician and his love story. The rest happened as I went on writing it. I guess that’s the trick? Keep writing.


  2. So many magical, vivid lines. What a beautiful tale of love, for a poet, a father and for the magic that wove the story together. Stunning.


  3. Well, I’m truly happy to see your works being posted by Terribly Tiny Stories! Kudos on that, Utsav sir!

    Meanwhile, I’d l be glad if you could spare your little time to read my new poetry from my blog!


  4. The best part of reading your words is they take you somewhere else with such simplicity that’s it is even more beautiful to imagine it.
    Looking forward to keep in touch and read more from you, Sir. 🙂
    The title is really justified.


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