Fake diamond rings.

Fake diamond rings

I don’t think I’ve ever written about first love or high-school crush or anything of that sort. So, here it is! It’s my variation on first love where two girls really like each other and then stuff happens. I do hope you like it! Tell me about your first crush in the comments!

You were a reflection of me.

From the way you walked,
to the way you tied your hair.
Your footsteps were introverted –
soft, silent, careful
they didn’t like making too much noise
because what if the others didn’t want to listen?
Half-buns were your go-to,
because your first love liked your hair to be open,
and your last love liked them tied,
and you wanted to carry both their essence in the folds
of your brown hair.
You always had a reason for everything you did
and that’s what made you most like me.
Valentine’s 2014,
we got each other the same presents –
fake diamond rings wrapped in the gloves
that I’d worn on our first date. You’d kept one of the pair,
as a memory.

I heard somewhere as a kid that opposites attract.
I didn’t want to lose the first woman I’d loved
to a silly belief,
so I did my best to be your opposite.
My walks started becoming thunderstorms,
loud, alive, extroverted.
I stopped reading to the moon
and I tried not to fall asleep to the same episode of FRIENDS
that both of us liked.
I drank red wine instead of white,
wore skirts instead of jeans,
I smiled instead of giggling all the time.
Valentine’s 2015, I got you a pen. That’s it.
You got me fortune cookie messages hidden in rose petals.
I coloured my hair red
to remind me of our love but not of how
our hair used to be the same shade of chocolate.

I don’t think it worked, though.
Was it because I always had a reason?
When Cupid came along to do his thing,
we must’ve looked alike
because he got me twice and you not even once.
I was madly in love and you were ‘infatuated’.
Why did you have to be a reflection of me?

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

31 thoughts on “Fake diamond rings.”

  1. Ah first love is never meant to be. Lucky are those who fall in love with someone and that person loves them back. Btw wonderfully written. I really liked it 🙂


  2. Done spamming. Be back some other time. Keep writing. You’re the only blogger I love to read here. Take lots and lots of care ♥️


  3. Those pretty images woven in words is one of the many delights of poetry.
    Btw, I have been confused on the whole opposites attract thing myself.


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