I came up with the first two lines and the last two lines about two weeks ago. Then, I used them as a prompt and expanded it into a poem. The thing about prompts for poetry is, it doesn’t have to be one word. It can be an interesting conversation that you come up with or a cool concept you find on the internet. Don’t limit yourself with just a word. Be inspired by anything. I hope you like this poem! (also, I don’t want any of you to miss this in the poem so here goes: red+blue=purple)

You told him your favorite color,
he shrugged and said “okay”.
Six shots down, you wrote I love you
on the back of his white tee
and he never wrote it again.
You were just another “he loves me not”.
Even after you sung him songs,
he slept humming the tune of Lonely – Akon.
There’s this concept of
With the sea in your eyes,
you told him you had to let go
if he didn’t say he loves you, if he didn’t promise a forever.
He shrugged and said “okay”.
It wasn’t an Augustus Waters reference.

You were strong.
You healed yourself,
you loved yourself.
Back straight, head high,
you stood up for yourself like poetry.

I remember your 22nd birthday,
I’d drawn objects all over your body
after blindfolding you,
and then dressed you in coveralls.
We played treasure hunt that night.
I only made a wish
when the meteor shower reflected in your eyes
because they’re my skies.
“can you look for words that rhyme and reason with home?”
I stripped poetry down to its bare bone,
woke up the sky and thundered for an answer,
brought down heaven and up hell
and searched in their pockets
and just found your fingers in my hair,
My funny valentine,
sweet comic valentine,
you make me smile with my heart.

Everything you did with him,
you did with me – heartbreak didn’t break you.
I loved you the same way
I loved my ex – in shapes of plucked rose petals.
Somehow, we clicked
like red and blue.
You told me your favorite color
and I painted the whole sky with it.

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

21 thoughts on “Purple”

  1. Beautiful poem! I especially liked the lines “You told me your favorite color / and I painted the whole sky with it.” (such a powerful ending) and “He shrugged and said “okay.” / It wasn’t an Augustus Waters reference.” Great job!


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