Crayon hospitals.

Crayon hospitals.

Hospitals freak a lot of people out. Share your hospital story in the comment section below!

I sat by her bedside,
Held her paper pale hands,
And stared blankly at everything,
That today had become.
The hospital walls crayon pink and blue,
The tables a stable horse.
A vase that remind me of our fourth anniversary,
And a picture frame that was empty.
The air depressed and anxious,
and my eyeballs frantic.
Her paper pale hands,
And Christmas shirt,
And no obvious signs that she was hurt.
No smile, frown, pain or love,
The truth pretending to be a lie.

I blabbered on and on,
About what my day was like,
Even though she probably knew,
All day I was by her side.
I told her about the birds and cars,
And how I secretly had had vodka,
About her dads crooked smile,
But not about his ruby nose,
And his wet face.
I told her I loved her.

As the doctor told me something,
I wrote down a list of the fastest things in the world:
My heartbeat

“She has cancer,
I’m so sorry.”

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