Sometimes I sit idle.

As a poet in the 21st century and as myself, my poems rarely have a rhyme scheme. Here is one of those rare ones. Hope you like it. Give me prompts, and also let me know how often you would like me to post!

Sometimes I sit idle.
So idle that you would confuse me,
With a dead body or a statue.
I don’t know what exactly you would see,
But I know how your mind would play tricks on you.
Me and the devil,
Satan and you,
We are all really alike.
We love things bright and new,
And we all get three strikes. Continue reading Sometimes I sit idle.


The one with women.

The number in the first two statistics are true and have been taken from here and here. This is here to spread awareness, and not to degrade or leave out men. Smile everyone! Also, leave a comment telling about what problems any one of you have faced.

One in every six women has been sexually assaulted,
and accused of “asking for it”,
or facing it because men,
(being the beasts that they can sometimes be),
cannot control their desires and should not be blamed for it.

One in every four women has been denied opportunities,
of climbing the gold-coated staircase.
The staircase of power and creative possibilities,
has been reserved for men,
(and at times women who agree to sleep with them).

One in every two women has a horror story,
to tell that will send shivers up your very existence,
for the story monsters are human beings
with pride horns and intentions like a sharp crooked teeth,
and darkness that doesn’t go away with a switch.

One in every one woman has given her all,
so that mankind can be kind,
and the world can be truly called a beautiful place.

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