Too much.

Too much.

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Steve was heartbroken the day Husky died but was always afraid to admit it because he believed heartbreaks had become cliché. There were too many poets writing about it, too many eyes crying over it, too many stories ending because of it. He believed heartbreaks had become ‘too much’ and he was born a minimalist.

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Maybe – A shadow dance.

Maybe – A shadow dance.

If this piece leaves you a tad bit confused, I want you to know it was intentional. Enjoy!

Twelve nights ago, I was sitting by the window with my head pressed against the pane. The moon and I were in an intense staring contest when something caught my attention. My house sat idly two kilometers away from the sea but there was only one window that faced the sea in my entire two-storied house. Continue reading Maybe – A shadow dance.

What does happiness mean to you?

What does happiness mean to you?

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“What does happiness mean to you?”

“For me,
Happiness is when in the night,
The room gets too cold,
My dog crawls onto my bed,
And falls asleep right beside me.
I place my hands softly on his heaving chest,
And smile as I close my eyes.
Happiness is when the love of my life,
Is giggling and jumping around,
With me,
And I get a whiff of honey and vanilla
Every time I hold her in my arms,
And bury my face in her hair.
Happiness is a Christmas tree,
And my family helping me decorate it,
Seeing their eyes light up with the feeling of being home,
As we chatter about memories,
Of my childhood, of family romances,
Or simply of last Christmas.
Happiness is watching six friends,
And laughing at their sarcastic comments.
It is hot chocolate, a shot of vodka,
And the one person you don’t mind getting drunk with.
It is a starry night, cold wind,
And sleeping on the empty terrace.
It is not being empty inside.
Happiness is the feeling of falling love with everything.

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How to: Be poetry.

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Hold a paw, and wake up to the woof or the meow of a furry cushion.
Travel, to the closest grocery store open past midnight and buy that candy you used to love as a kid.
Let your chapped lips, which has been a Chandler (Straight, but seemed to be otherwise), light up into a crescent moon more often than you used to.
Cry into the lap of your pillow, don’t deprive your cheeks of the season of this rain.
Pick the scab on the wound you got as a hopeless romantic, and fall in love before it heals.
Realize that you have rhyme and reason in this universe.
Find the fire of your soul and let it burn your regrets as it crackles a song into your veins.
Show kindness as a first language in your degree of life. Water a plant and feed a duck for you never know what they’ll do to you in a parallel universe.
Be you.

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Goodbyes can be such a pain in the ass.
I’m not ready for it.
I cannot believe that
Your intoxicating eyes
Won’t be my morning sun anymore.
Your heavy breath
Won’t to be the first thing
You share with me anymore.
We won’t enjoy long walks,
And windy drives,
Crazy fights and funny sights anymore.

I’m not ready for it.
I cannot let go of you.
Memories won’t suffice.
I remember the time we first met.
You hugged me, and kinda danced too.
The first day we spent together,
Ice cream and chill,
Our favourite thing.
The first time we got wet
As it rained,
And you taught me how much fun it could be.
I’m drunk all the time,
You make me sober.

I am not ready for it.
I need you.
I need to hold your hands
As if they were a part of me.
I need you to brighten my days,
And lonely dark nights.
Eating won’t be fun anymore,
Without you around to steal my food.
Who will be my alarm clock,
The only one I never want to snooze?

I am not ready for it.
I’m drunk all the time,
You make me sober.
You’re not just a pet
Your family.
Don’t die on me.

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Friends, if you like reading my work, do share it with your friends (on whatever social media you deem appropriate). It would be amazing to have more people reading my compositions. Please help my infinity grow bigger ∞