The story of the trees.

The story of the trees.
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The leaves were falling everywhere
the trees were all heartbroken
the wind blew every once in a while
and often gossipped with the sun.
She loved autumn and wore trench coats
and smiled at the beauty of tragedies.

It was a Sunday morning
– a blind date
Her wrists were clenched
around the hem of her top
Her eyes danced frantically
to the thump of her heart
and she bit on her lip
red lipstick and a drop of blood.
‘Fat’ and ‘Single’ usually ran across the streets
fingers were often pointed at her.

He had chosen the park
as the witness to their first date
the heartbroken trees all rustled and whispered
stories of love and war
they said “We knew Romeo
His story wasn’t that of love
Shakespeare romanticized insanity beautifully
you sit beside us and wait for yours to show,
but learn from Romeo’s mistakes.
Juliet died,
our leaves left us
Make sure you don’t abandon yourself.”

Did he show up?
But that day she danced her way to home.

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