For all of us.

For all of us.

Creativity stems from happiness
and happiness from us.
You’ll also find it stuffed inside a Thanksgiving turkey
or playing hide-and-seek with you.
I believe happiness is like a new puppy
(also, happiness is a new puppy
or any puppy.)
Creativity often seeps through
a pain-soaked pillow, too.
A pain-soaked pillow is a story-teller
that emphasizes the right words
whispers its way to the tragic ending
and in my case,
bows down when done.
Memories are the best muse
because they’re the 18-hour-long
exact scene to scene replica
of our book
and that’s something we’ve all always wanted.
Why is this for all of us?
Because we are all artists.
Here’s a short story in a poem
or as I like to call it
‘a beautiful distraction’
(I hope you thought of the person
who broke your heart
because I did)
When Rao made sandals
from unused or old car wheels
and smiled when his daughter
didn’t complain about rocks the next day
you should’ve seen the smile on his face.
Happiness. Pain. Memories.
So hi, artist.
You’ve got so much to learn.

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What does happiness mean to you?

What does happiness mean to you?

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“What does happiness mean to you?”

“For me,
Happiness is when in the night,
The room gets too cold,
My dog crawls onto my bed,
And falls asleep right beside me.
I place my hands softly on his heaving chest,
And smile as I close my eyes.
Happiness is when the love of my life,
Is giggling and jumping around,
With me,
And I get a whiff of honey and vanilla
Every time I hold her in my arms,
And bury my face in her hair.
Happiness is a Christmas tree,
And my family helping me decorate it,
Seeing their eyes light up with the feeling of being home,
As we chatter about memories,
Of my childhood, of family romances,
Or simply of last Christmas.
Happiness is watching six friends,
And laughing at their sarcastic comments.
It is hot chocolate, a shot of vodka,
And the one person you don’t mind getting drunk with.
It is a starry night, cold wind,
And sleeping on the empty terrace.
It is not being empty inside.
Happiness is the feeling of falling love with everything.

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