Broken, happy stories.

Broken, happy stories.

Yes, I named the character of this story after my favorite character on Game of Thrones. I had this concept in my mind for a long time and I like to believe I did it justice. Do you think I did? Tell me in the comments section below. (Maybe tell me your favorite GoT character too.) Enjoy, lovely people!

You know how everyone has a passion, something they love so much, and sometimes they pursue it and make a career in it? That wasn’t Tyrion. He was a dry-cleaner who loved wearing fancy clothes that fit him perfectly. His favorite were solid colored t-shirts that never looked fancy but made him feel like a part of this world. Solid blues on days when he wanted to fly and see the world with a bird-eyes view: a small dotted Eiffel tower and flickering lights and their messages. Pitch black when he wanted to disappear into the darkness and let emptiness take his place. Bright reds or blood reds depending on whether he wanted love or revenge.

Of course, Tyrion never earned enough to be able to buy these fancy clothes. So, he would just wash denims and suits and while his eyes wrinkled and smiled at the sight of these beautiful pieces of clothing, his lips never budged. They were always a straight line. That’s when he came up with the concept of being broken and happy. Did I forget to tell you he loved poetry and weird concepts that made half-sense?

If given the chance to make and wear fancy clothes, I believe he would have the most poetic ones. His wardrobe would be filled with white t-shirts with black eyes and a collar for a smile, or suits with pinstripe lines in the shape of a map that guided you home.

But like I said, Tyrion wasn’t one to follow his passion. He would wash clothes every day and not smile. He would iron on some days and hide his tears in the folds of the clothes. On other days, he would grin so wide, the earth would seem small in front of him. He was happy despite being broken. He did other things that made him happy – like teaching his daughter Salsa on Saturdays and playing football with his friends on Sundays. You can see why he was obsessed with his concept: You can be broken and still be happy.

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