You believe me.

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When I tell you her eyes were whisky brown,
And that her husband never hit her,
inside walls of fear,
When I say that her eyes wrinkled,
Her teeth were crooked,
Her trust was a flower in spring,
And that she was submissive,
When I point out that her wrists are not cut,
And that her blood is just like mine,
Her words don’t shiver in the winter society,
And that she smiles a lot,
You believe me.

When I say he is a fighter,
And that he has never broken a heart,
Because he does not have a broken heart,
When I tell you his favorite color is purple,
And that he bleeds ink,
He pulls on his finger and locks the door twenty four times,
And is afraid to say he is in love.
When I point out that he does not know how to flirt,
But he is really charming,
When I say he watches Games of thrones,
And enjoys the nudity,
You believe me.

You believe that I am a writer,
And so my words don’t lie,
And that my heart definitely aches.
You believe I write love poems,
For a specific someone I lost to love or death,
For a specific something I cannot find anymore,
And you believe my lies.
That is why I lie.
Why I say
“I am okay.”

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